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Dear Agathe,
I'm currently doing my master in Quantitative Logistics and I am having a lot of trouble with stochastic models and optimisation, specifically how to find the renewal function. Please show me the way!
From Champagna Milosovic

Ah, Agony Aunt has struggled down this path before, my friend. The key is not to find the renewal function but to let the renewal function find you. This may seem confusing to you right now but once you understand you will finally be able to master this concept and see the light. If you are still having problems with this then Agony Aunt will have a word with some friends in high places. "It comes good", as the Dutch always say.

Dear Auntie Agathe,
I seem to have got myself into a bit of a pickle. In English, when you say the letter ‘A’ it is the same as when you say the letter ‘E’ in Dutch. You can understand the difficulty I had when I wanted to apply for the EC (Eerstejaars Committee) but, due to my Dutch accent, ended up getting an interview for the AC (Activities Committee). Long story short, I am now in the AC and am having an absolutely awful time, constantly pretending that I like my fellow committee members even though they are not social at all! Please help me Agathe, what do I do?! - Anonymous

My dear, Agathe knows all too well what you are talking about. There have been many students who in the past have thought they were doing a year internship at but instead had to do a board year at the ED (Econometrisch Dispuut, the former name of FAECTOR). I also have heard rumours that this year’s AC has unfortunately failed to carry on the outstanding work the committee did last year. As much as the Estimator would love to harbour people in your position, you must persevere in your current role. Perhaps you should speak more succinctly in future as I understand an Activities Committee may have communicational issues at times with all of the work they do. Life is not always fair, but you should try to make the most with what you’ve got!

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| Published on: Oct 07, 2015