HAVE a voice. BE the voice.

Let’s start with a short quiz: Do you know your student representatives? Do you know the members of your Educational Committee? How about those who represent you and your fellow econometricians in the Faculty or University Council?

As a first or second year student you probably knew the answer to the first question, but if you are like most of us, it is very likely you didn’t know much more about the representatives on program, faculty or university level. We want to change that: In this year’s all new and improved Online Estimator (aka Bestimator) we will give econometricians involved in various representative bodies here at the Erasmus University a forum to address important issues, raise awareness, and – most importantly – discuss with you how to contribute to a better program, a better faculty, and a better EUR.

Throughout the year, we will report on progress – whether successful or not – made in the Educational Committee, the ESE Faculty Council and the University Council to ensure you are up to date with current problems and projects. We will keep you informed about council elections upcoming spring so you know who you are voting for. And we will give both students and representatives the opportunity to publish and discuss articles in the Online Estimator. Maybe in half a year when we ask you those three questions, you might actually have an answer. We hope you are as excited as we are!

About this article

Written by:
  • Thomas Wiemann
| Published on: Oct 07, 2015