Inhouse day Flow Traders

Monday the 28th of September: what a day to be alive! This, of course, was when the first FAECTOR inhouse day of the academic year took place. The turnout was incredible as a large group of budding young businessmen and women gathered outside the chic looking office building which housed many of the Netherlands´ great companies such as Flow Traders, the destination of our visit. Looking the part, the group was guided through the vast foyer to an assembly room by a Flow Traders recruiter where we were welcomed by a selection of delicious snacks and refreshing beverages. A brief introduction ensued about the company´s busy day-to-day activities and career prospects which was well received by an eager bunch of listeners.

To test our intellect, potential and sharpness we were challenged to compete in the Flow Traders trading game. The trading game was duly won by Joost Dopheide, who is regarded as many of his peers as a hot prospect for the options trading market. A lunch fit for kings followed and kings we did feel as we graced the canteen with our authoritative presence, wearing our Saville Row suits amongst the more casually dressed traders. For the traders of Flow don´t deal directly with any clients, it is not entirely necessary to wear business formal all the time. This we discovered as we visited the trading floor, expecting a Wall Street-esque atmosphere of carnage, we were surprised by the relaxed, concentrated atmosphere that took its place. Most of the traders were at that point eating their lunch whilst glued to the computer screen – the market waits for no one. The day concluded with a debriefing and, rich with the new information we´d collected we left the building to be met by the Amsterdam´s warm afternoon sun. The life of a trader, not so bad eh?

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Written by:
  • Emrys Komen
| Published on: Oct 07, 2015