Presenting the committees: Estimator (aka Bestimator)

This is the first in a series of articles in which Estimator will present all new committees.

Mitchell van Cittert (“Mitch”, supervisor from the board)


Ni hao FAECTOR members! Perhaps you already know me, my name is Mitchell and I’m the supervisor of the awesome (B)Estimator Committee. This is the first year that the Estimator is completely online and I’m very proud of the creative committee who is making this to a great success. I try to keep my introduction short, because ‘Heel Holland Bakt’ (Sarena is going to win) will begin in 5 more minutes. This is one of my favourite shows at the moment after Geordie Shore and the World Cup Rugby. Unfortunately, the Aussies destroyed the Red Rose, so I will eat a lot to deafen my disappointment the next couple of weeks and become heavier and fat like Emrys Komen. I hope to see all of you during the next events FAECTOR organises, especially by the Almanac Drink where I am going to sign your beautiful new Almanac. To keep in touch FAECTOR has its own Snapchat, so add ‘FAECTOR’ and take a look at the life of the board.

Tobias Hoogteijling (chairman)


Hey there! I’m Tobias Hoogteijling, a second-year BSc2 student. I like sports (korfball and running), crime series (currently ‘Castle’, he’s a genius!) and hanging out with friends (whilst having the occasional beer or two). I am really proud to be part of the most awesome committee of all, which is obviously the Estimator Committee, whatever IntAct and others try to make you believe (which other committee raffles a bottle of the finest, authentic , Russian, traditional-recipe vodka?)! This year will be very exciting for us, especially because Estimator is now an online platform instead of a magazine (more on that in the article "Estimator 2.0 (win a bottle of vodka!)"). We are allowed to come up with all kinds of articles now, and we will definitely use that opportunity!  I really look forward to everything we will do this year and I’m sure we will have a great deal of fun.

Nynke Algera


Hi! My name is Nynke Algera. I am 19 years old and I am a first year international econometrics student. I wanted to be an active member and what way better than in the Estimator Committee! This way I'll be able to inform people about the events and all the fun things FAECTOR does; I will also take the pictures during the events, so quite often you will see me with a camera. I am really happy to be able to join this amazing committee. I hope to see you guys in all the events!

Thomas Wiemann


Hello everyone,

My name is Thomas and I’m a second year BSc² student. I came to this beautiful harbor city to learn everything about econometrics, a study not taught in the Vaterland – Germany where I am from. And thanks to FAECTOR, moving to the Netherlands has turned out even better than I ever imagined! Being part of the notorious Freshmen Committee last year, I had the chance to meet many wonderful people and shared countless unforgettable moments.

This year I’ll try myself as an author of the Online Estimator (aka Bestimator), writing articles about… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself ;). Oh and I almost forgot, kind advice for this year: You ain’t better be no hater, we’ll write shit about you later.

Maaike Niehof


Hi! My name is Maaike Niehof. I’m nineteen years old and a second year econometrics student plus a first year law student. I was born and raised in a really small town in Twente, but when I started studying in Rotterdam I moved here, which was the best decision of my life so far. Fortunately, my beautiful accent is almost gone after one year of hard practice. In my free time I like to play volleyball, go for a run or go to a party with my friends. This year I’ve got the honor to be part of the (B)Estimator Committee, which I’m really happy about. The Estimator will be totally different this year and I’m really excited to put all my ideas into action. I hope you will all enjoy reading our new website and to see you soon at one of the activities of FAECTOR!

Emrys Komen


Hello, my name is Emrys Komen. I’ll try to keep my introduction short because ‘The Great British Bake Off’ is about to start and I follow my Supreme Leader by example. I was born in Hangzhou, China, but on my 18th birthday my 'parents' told me I was adopted so I, a distraught young man, moved to the Netherlands in search of my biological parents. I think they might be Robin van Persie because, just like him, I am good at football and Doutzen Kroes because, just like her, I have blue eyes. It was tough leaving China as I had just married (see picture). To get rid of my Chinese accent I watched the full box-set of Midsomer Murders and have now developed an English accent. I joined the Estimator as I saw it as a window of opportunity to appeal to the greater to community and raise awareness for my situation. I also joined because I want to improve on my English writing skills and believe that Mitchell van Cittert is the right man to follow for guidance.

Jasper Bal


Hey everyone! I’m Jasper, eighteen years old and first-year Bsc2 student. In my younger days I used to play soccer, but two years ago I decided to drastically change my career and I became a professional Netflixer. All my life I have lived in Amsterdam, but to my own surprise I have adjusted myself quite quickly to a new city, Rotterdam. Not only Rotterdam left a good first impression, the university, the study and above all FAECTOR did so as well. Therefore, I was eager to join a committee, and when I heard about the Estimator Committee I immediately knew that this was the one for me, since I have always enjoyed writing. Luckily for me, a group of great people felt the same, which led to an awesome committee that will definitely turn the new online Estimator into a success.

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Written by:
  • Tobias Hoogteijling
| Published on: Oct 07, 2015