Presenting the committees: IntAct

This is the fifth in a series of articles in which Estimator will present all new committees. The IntAct Committee was founded this year. How do they describe themselves?

It’s time to introduce the newest and most spectacular addition to FAECTOR’s committee family: the IntAct Committee! “Sounds awesome, but what do they actually do?” you may ask… Well, IntAct, short for internal activities, will be mainly responsible for the active member’s events (Active Members Dinner, Day and Weekend) but also has other tasks such as the Eurekaweek and Second-Years-Day. Moreover, the committee has the unique opportunity to set up FAECTOR’s first Committee Battle ever – and we will make all the other committees join the brutal fight for the eternal fame that comes with being victorious in this contest. Stay tuned for the crazy challenges proposed by the second-most creative group of people FAECTOR could find – and read on to meet those insane artiFAECTs!

Luc (supervisor from the board)

Hi Y’All, Some people asked me to write a short introduction about myself. "Who am I" was their first question. My name is Luc. What do I like to do? Well I like to be a dictator and make the rest of my board cry. There also was one really interesting question. “Why did you join the IntAct Committee?” I thought this would be an easy question to answer, but I can’t describe the real reason in 6-7 lines. If you really want to know the reason behind my application, just come by the office and we will have a little chat about motivation and creativity. I am really looking forward to work with this amazing group of motivated people to make sure we reward all the active members in the best possible way. Bye.

Alicia (chairman)

Heyyy everybody! I am Alicia, a 2nd year Bsc² student and the chairwoman of FAECTOR’s first IntAct committee. There is not much to say about me, only that I am very German: always on time, super-efficient and humourless. I came to Rotterdam last year following the famous econometrician statistic (“1 in 3….”) to maximize my likelihood of finding a prospective millionaire to marry.  Next to that I am passionate about two things: playing water polo and FAECTOR! Having been a member of THE FC last year, I fell in love with our amazing faculty association and decided that I wanted to help making active membership even more fun this year. Together with Big Daddy Luc I will watch the kids (aka our extraordinarily awesome and “slightly” crazy new committee plus our adopted Nigerian baby Prince Jasper) create mind-blowing events for our (active) members. You should expect the unexpected – but I expect to see all of you at some of our events!
Oh, and on a side note: you better be nice to us now, otherwise your committee might rank real low…



Hello, my name is Jasper and apparently I was born 19 years ago even though I don't have any memory of that event whatsoever. My doctors still cannot explain why I have this condition of extreme memory loss where a big part of my life is a blur for me. My parents told me that I was born as a descendant from the Nigerian royal family and I came to the Netherlands to visit queen Beatrix but I got lost on the plane and that is where my parents found me. When I am not a prince I enjoy playing football, games and my girlfriend (a gift from my Nigerian family). Now I am raising awareness for my serious disease and that's why I joined the IntAct committee, to reach all active members of FAECTOR. To get back to my home country and my family I need to collect money, so please help this lost Nigerian prince. 


Aloha ka po’e apau! My name is Rogier, and no, unfortunately I’m not Hawaiian. I do like the beach, the sea and the sun, something rare in Holland, but at least I enjoyed the first two for already 18 years in my ex-hometown Noordwijk. As a diehard ‘Ajacied’, my move to Roffa was painful and heart-breaking. Luckily I survived so far, partly with the help of my inferior (<3) brother Joris, whose voice does not sound like mine at all :’) You probably already figured out I like soccer, which I practise at the most powerful, influential and prominent club Antibarbari, where my team won the internal tournament. This means that I’m better than our IntAct-committee-dictator Luc! Speaking of the IntAct committee, I hope the active members will absolutely not regret their decision to join FAECTOR. However, I’m hoping to get to know nearly all of you, so I’ll see you at some of the activities!


Hi people! For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Sian. I was asked to introduce myself by my dear friends of the Estimator Committee (which used to be the most awesome committee, until I switched to IntAct, which is now the best committee). Some things I like are beer, drinking and taking drunk selfies. Like-minded people: let's have some beers together at the next FAECTOR drink! You might end up on my Snapchat story though. Together with the awesome people from IntAct, with Luc and Alicia as the Great Leaders, we will make sure that FAECTOR's Active Members have the coolest year they can imagine, so they are all extremely motivated to organise even cooler activities for you guys!


Hi everyone, my name is Thomas and, as you might have guessed by my name, I was born in Abuja, Nigeria. As a member of the Nigerian Royal family, I got married quite young and I had a son who I named Jasper. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that all he was thinking about was declaring war to Germany, for no particular reason other than he didn't like their queen Alicia very much. So I decided to blur his memory and put him on a random plane, but unfortunately, some people found him and raised him in the Netherlands. He is now trying to collect money and come back to Nigeria, so if you ever see him, please DO NOT donate (we even sent him a girlfriend to keep him away).

As for me, I decided to join a committee at FAECTOR as an enrichment to my student life, and I am very happy to say that I will be a member of the very first IntAct committee! My hobbies are playing tennis, visiting all of Feyenoord's home matches with my dad and watching the first episode of a television series and then end up watching the following 5 seasons in the same week. I am really looking forward to organise many great events with my amazing fellow committee members, and I hope to see you all at every drink, activity and party throughout the year!



Hi everyone! Here I am, introducing myself again, if you paid attention the past 3 years, you can “Skip this add”. My name is Vicky, 21 years young and currently working... Just because I finished my bachelors and I know I don’t need a master to earn my money. But since I am in love with econometricians and still want to be able to hang around with these good looking people, I decided to be an ‘active’ member. But why IntAct? Well that’s simply because I’m not only in love with econometricians, but I especially have a crush on the president. As he runs IntAct, this is my chance. I also do gymnastics, eat a lot of food and like to organize free things for my active FAECTOR babies. If you want to know more about me, call me. (0612345678) Cheers, Vicky

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