The 10 craziest pictures of the Almanac Drink

On the 29th of october, the Almanac drink took place at Divoza. FAECTOR’s Almanac committee had worked really hard and could proudly present the new Alamanac during this night. The turnout among FAECTOR members was really high and everybody was desperately waiting in the queue to get the coveted Almanac, signed with a personal message from the members of the Almanac Committee. Besides the Almanac, a lot of other topics were discussed as well, from the last test week to one’s plans for the coming Christmas break. Of course all beer and wine still costed only 50 cents and a lot of us made very good use of it, which resulted in really nice and ‘interesting’ pictures. As we progressed through the night, some of us even got really close with another and new love stories were written.

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Written by:
  • Maaike Niehof
| Published on: Nov 17, 2015