Beer Cantus: that escalated quickly

Trink, trink, Brüderlein trink, lass doch die Sorgen zu Haus! Trink, trink Brüderlein, trink….

Probably many of you can easily finish this song since last Friday. During this night the event we had all been waiting for finally took place: the FAECTOR Beer Cantus! 120 members arrived at Laurentius after a really windy and rainy journey, but still looking forward to an amazing evening. Fortunately, when we entered the building, we were all warmly welcomed by the Lustrum Committee and received our own specially manufactured FAECTOR beer mug. Once you entered the room where it would all take place, you could feel everyone’s enthusiasm and you immediately forgot the horrible weather outside. Around nine o’clock a real cantus band started the cantus; some of us still hesitated a little bit to sing along, while others sang at the top of their voice in their fancy  ‘Lederhosen’. However, as the night progressed, we all sang together and no one felt embarrassed anymore.

Of course, a cantus wouldn’t be a cantus if some of us didn’t get punished. So, the band chose randomly some unfortunates out of the public and let them do all kinds of drinking games, for example an ‘Adje Jezus’. Fortunately, after a couple of songs, all the FAECTOR members got louder and the band stopped punishing people. The cantus actually escalated a little bit and we were all having the time of our life. Time passed by really fast and before we knew the evening had already come to an end. When everybody had left, the state of the room confirmed that had it been a really wild evening: it was a total chaos.

Some of us weren’t capable anymore to party on and started their cold and windy journey full of drunk obstacles back home. The diehards went on to Vrienden Live where they continued the party. At the end of the evening we all got home safely and we could look back at an unforgettable evening (or a forgettable evening for some of us).

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Written by:
  • Maaike Niehof
| Published on: Dec 02, 2015