What do the stars have to say about you?

Aquarius  (21st January – 18th February)

The coming tests cause a lot of stress for you. You’re studying all day and you never think about anything else than formulas and hard proofs. However,58tLAT8WwJ2A2db4V1Gw8_MCnp4ua9b_fkNiorGr you shouldn’t forget to live a little. If you do your best, it’s all going to be fine. Relax a little bit and get out of your cave: be nice to yourself. When the test week is over, throw yourself a really big party to let go of all the stress. Invite all your friends and take care of your look, because there’s a big change that you might meet the love of your life this night!

Your lucky day: 22nd of December

Pisces (19th February– 20th March)

DmOXAL-Rp85OGDK9s1Dmo-J6LTNPqUKMf9w9ge4oDuring the lasts weeks, you’ve made a lot of new friends. Your social life has never been so good as now. You party all day and life is one big joy for you: you live the ultimate student life. But this lifestyle has a really bad influence on your study results. You actually haven’t even done a thing for the coming tests. If you still want to become a real econometrician, you should probably start working really hard right now. Unlike your social life, your love life won’t be that exciting the coming weeks, apart from a couple of flirts. Fortunately, you also don’t have time for a new lover, since you will have to study really hard…

Your lucky day: 19th of December

Aries (21th March – 20th April)

BgF9EJXVvCc4Gz_wxTqulssxYs2WbxVF_CUPVdF7Your life is full of tension right now. Things are going not so well between you and your friends and there is a lot of disagreement in the group. You really don’t like this situation and you are trying to improve the atmosphere. You should also listen to others and try to understand their opinions and ideas. If this is just impossible, maybe it’s time to go your own way… Fortunately, times will get better at the end of the month. You’ll get a really nice career offer, which will probably change your life completely!

Your lucky day:  21st of December

Taurus  (21st April – 21st May)

X6ckRV_xPyAiPYK_BEqzQyEvaMr8R1Uz3oZJ9wjpYou are a real perfectionist and you try to do everything right. You try to control all your activities in every detail. Actually, this is almost impossible. At some point this will drive you crazy. Just relax: things will work out somehow. At the end of this month, you will face an important choice. You should consider your decision really well, because it will have a big impact on your life. Talk with your friends and your family about it, since they know you the best. If you make the right decision, your future looks really bright…

Your lucky day: 26th of December

Gemini (22nd May – 21st June)

It-GVy4_zbhmOTctIRpmO8frU4M0wSF0lUtd8-IMYou’ve had some bad luck in your love life and your heart has been broken too many times. You only bumped into bad boys/girls. Fortunately, you have some really good friends who will help you through these hard times by bringing you Ben & Jerry’s and by lending an ear to you. Contrary to your love life, your study results are really good. Since you don’t have a lover that keeps you busy, you have enough time to focus on studying. Coming test week you will ace your exams, thanks to Estimator's 10 tips! At the beginning of next month, you’ll get a big surprise from a special person…

Your lucky day: 29th of December

Cancer (22nd June  – 23rd July)

nPwQ6L0e3TieiumGyaCA4SAqzZPOwOA7XG9e3LWsYou’re completely in love with your new lover. Every day, every minute and every second you are thinking of him/her. You can’t think about anything else anymore. So you also haven’t studied a lot for the tests yet. Luckily, you’re smart enough and after one week of being in full focus of your studies you’ll still pass the exams. However, you shouldn’t forget your friends. They are not so happy, as they haven’t seen you anymore since you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Try to create a balance between spending time with your friends and spending time with your lover. You might regret it at later time if you’ve completely neglected your friends, especially when it turns out that your new lover actually might not be the right person for you…

Your lucky day: 23rd of December

Leo (24th July – 23rd August)

1gOV0cN2FT9ThUvi7XtpMdi9X_1dRouq-TRh7qXaYou didn’t feel so good recently. Your best friend has let you down from the moment he/she met his/her new lover. You feel a bit lonely and you don’t know what to do. It’s a good idea to hang out with your real friends and to just go on with your life: go for yourselff! One day your friend will realize that he/she has made a big mistake. Contrary to your friend, Cupido is really nice to you. You get a lot of attention of the opposite sex and the chance is quite high that your love life will get a lot more exciting…

Your lucky day: 17th of December

Virgo (24th August – 23rd September)

l4a1hVf0g9qYAPJ4thKZclGtsrUusgPPL8sffpmYThere’s a certain person who’s bothering you all day. Everything he/she says is just so annoying that you can’t stand him/her, you feel really tensed because of this person. However, it is better if you just ignore him/her and keep calm: it’s far less tiring. Instead of being bothered, it’s better to focus on your studies. Since the start of the new academic year, you haven’t done a lot. You were too busy doing all kinds of other activities. But if you still want to pass your tests, you should work a little bit harder.  You’ll get rewarded for this at the end of the month…

Your lucky day: 30th of December

Libra (24th September – 23th October)

tCHUmyVwRxG5rekoVhuNAwD2Rf5YejmGnmID2R9KYou are going through a difficult time. But you have to realise that this only makes you stronger! And in a couple of weeks the sun will shine again for you. A special person will walk into your life and he/she will make you feel happy again. Enjoy those happy moments with him/her. You have waited so long for this: you deserve it! Life will get easier and even your grades will be really good. It turns out you’ll find yourself again: you’ll get back your old life. It’s time to move on: live your life like one big party!

Your lucky day: 28th of December

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

KS-g5yoruvWZ87KyVRDBrmUZq7KHkgqlECis49peYou feel really good. Everything is going really well for you: you have really nice friends, you get a lot of attention from the opposite sex and your study results are brilliant. Everybody likes and admires you: your life couldn’t get any better! But be aware, people might get jealous at some point and they’ll try to undermine your success. Besides that, a certain person will walk into your life who will try to beat you in everything you do. So things might get a little bit harder, but you can definitely handle this! Don’t let them drive you crazy!

Your lucky day: 18th of December

Sagittarius (23rd November – 22nd December)

dqmma8j3TWe2LrnpwA8MqqMjFxYEfEcrTVMYgzk2People call you a party animal. You haven’t been seen on campus for a couple of weeks now. You think that lectures are just a waste of time, just like the tests: test can always be taken! Now, when you are young, it’s party time. You just don’t have time to study, but things will work out later. However, your parents are a bit worried and are trying to convince you that you have to focus a little bit more on your studies. That’s also what the stars have to say: if you don’t want to end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of your life, it’s maybe better if you get back to your studies now. When the tests are over, you can party again. At the end of the month, a person who used to be really important to you will return in your life…

Your lucky day: 25th of December

Capricorn (23rd December - 20th January)

BQdGMsNWGMlkpeWRgS6hCzmgh0j1KYQr2N9bkCsrYou’ve worked really hard during the last couple of months. You will ace the coming tests and your grades will be really good. Hard work pays off. It’s also important to spoil yourself sometimes, so give yourself a moment of rest when test week is over. This is essential, since you have to prepare yourself for a shocking discovery you’ll do this month: one of your friends is not just a friend anymore, it more than just friendship! You are actually falling in love with him/her! You should think really carefully about this, because if things go sideways, it could ruin the friendship.  

Your lucky day: 24th of December


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