Presenting the committees: Recruitment

Sjoerd Baardman (supervisor from the board)

GUUUTENMOOORGEN! What a beautiful thing, the Recruitment Committee. I can definitely say that I’m a lucky man. Being supervisor of the best committee of all, while it’s the only committee I supervise at the same time. Oh and by the way, they brought a pizza with a diameter of 1 meter to our constitution drink, which was ranked as the best present of all committees. I guess that was just the beginning of the great things they’re going to achieve next year! –xoxo- Sjoerd

Jelle Geerts (supervisor from the board)

Yes! The new RC a.k.a. Restaurant Comittee is known! These guys and girls helped me survive during the first busy months in the new board. Without them we had to survive on the overload of Noodles gain from the many studentboxes we stole from InDuplo. My name is Jelle and as a supervisor of the RC, together with the Commercial Officer I will make sure that our effort pays off well and that we can enjoy many more suprise meals. One word to the committee: keep up the good work and being an active member of FAECTOR.

Renske Hammink (chairman)

Hi! My name is Renske Hammink. After finishing my bachelor in Delft, my plane crashed here in Rotterdam. Starting this year as a pre-master student, I thought it would be a good idea to join FAECTOR and get to know my fellow students. What better way to do so, than by having a nice dinner? Therefore, the Restaurant Committee drew my attention. Surrounded by these talented master chefs, I am the luckiest person in the world. This year promises to be a great year. With the lustrum going on, I think I have chosen the perfect time to switch to Econometrics. As I am looking forward to a wonderful year, I hope you do so too! Bon appetite!

Artiom Troyanovsky

Hello dear reader and potential hungry person. My name is Artiom and I am in the second year of my master chef’s education. This year I am lucky enough to be a member of FAECTOR’s Restaurant Committee (RC), which, as it has also done for the past years, will ensure that you never go hungry. Hailing from Russia, I brought with me many authentic recipes when I moved to the Netherlands. Of particular interest is my secret vodka distilling technique, which has been passed on in my family from father to son for generations. Before you ask: no you can’t have it. However, I will gladly share some of the holy water, as I always carry a flask of the stuff in my inner pocket in case I decide to go swimming in a frozen lake. Every Russian agrees, vodka is the best antifreeze.

Romain Heuts:

Dear members,

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Romain Heuts, a 20-year-old Bachelor student. I was born and raised on the tropical island of Maastricht. This resulted in a strong Belgian accent and, of course, an appetite for good food. My favourite dinner is gegrilde buikspek afgelakt met zoethout, gepocheerde oester, crème van topinamboer en vinaigrette van tosa dashi met pompoenpitolie [translation not possible]. I also like to have a couple of pèlskes and to play soccer at the most beautiful soccer club of Rotterdam, Antibarbari. Over the coming months there will be a lot of great career events organised by our committee. I’m looking forward to see you there!

Tessa Hoyng:

Heey everybody, a short introduction of myself: I’m a 19-year-old bachelor student, from a little town close to Nijmegen also known as Nimma. I’m a proud to say that I have to fulfil a function in the RC this year! If I could compare our committee to a restaurant I would probably be the Sauce chef, the one who adds something extra to a dish. A dish without sauce can be a good dish but never can be perfect, it remains dry.  So when the chief makes up her mind for a new dish, I look if we want to spice it up or if we just want to add a little bit of sugar. I hope that I can add things to the chief's ideas to make this RC the best ever! I hope to see you all with our activities!

Jesper Silvius:

As a souschef you have to learn the tricks of the trade quite quickly. The elegant palette of a canard à l'orange, the exquisite sensation of a tagliatella napolitane or the particular thrill of a goulache. Maintaining order in the kitchen is no small task either: from the bus boys to the sauciers, every detail must be meticulously planned and perfectly executed. So had I been one, it would have undoubtedly resulted in priceless experience for this Restaurant Committee.

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