Students upset over new bike parking rule

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When the news spread around the campus, students couldn’t believe it, but it is actually true! The new bike parking policy of the Erasmus University will come into force the 6th of March, 3 days from now. Last Monday, the university’s Vehicles & Logistics Officer L. Gepürülü announced that because of the shortage of bicycle parking spots, it would no longer be allowed to leave your bike in the same place for more than four hours.

The shortage of parking space has been an issue for quite some time and plenty of students demanded the university took action, but this was obviously not what they had in mind! The intention of this new rule is to discourage students to bring their bikes and instead use healthier alternatives like the car or metro (after all you can fall of your bike!). As Gepürülü puts it: “I think having a place to stall your bike is one of the main factors for academic success. Everyone deserves a fair chance at a bike parking spot and the social status that goes with it.” It is not yet clear how the new policy will exactly be implemented, but the rumours are the university will hire a full time Bike Force to make sure everyone follows the new rules.

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Written by:
  • Tobias Hoogteijling
| Published on: Mar 03, 2016