Presenting the committees: Alumni

This is the second in a series of articles in which we present all new committees that started in February. We asked everyone to tell something about themselves and to answer two of our 'nice' questions and two of our 'awkard questions'. The Alumni Committee is new this year and will organise the conference “Econometrics and Beyond” on May 27th and will help structuring the alumni database. 

Milena Zychlinsky Scharff (Chairman)

Hey y’all,

My name is Milena Zychlinsky Scharff, and I am one of the proud members of the brand new Alumni Committee. This committee was created to organise the conference “Econometrics and Beyond” in coordination with the Econometric Institute, which will take place on May 27th to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the EI as well as our (FAECTOR’s) 50th Anniversary.  Furthermore we are organising the alumni database so that we have a better overview of FAECTOR’s alumni. If you are contemplating being an active member next year and you are wondering which committee to apply for, I would look no further than the Alumni Committee. If you read this to hear more about me, rather than my committee - I was born in New York City. But I lived most of my life in the Vaterland - yes by that I mean Deutschland.  I then came to Rotterdam to try my hand at Econometrics – which was harder than I thought due to my hatred of matrix.

Felix Mourer

Hi everyone! Probably, most of you know me already, since this is not the first introduction I write about myself in the Estimator. It is however the first time on this year’s new online version of FAECTOR’s magazine and I think it will be my most read introduction. However, for those that do not know me: I was the secretary in last year’s 49th board and have been given the honored name ‘Volix’. In the Alumni Committee I take the same position as Mitch, which is the most creative role of IT & Marketing Officer. Currently, I am doing my Master’s Quantitative Finance, which means that I won’t be at the university that long anymore. Fortunately, I am still an active member of two committees (besides the Alumni Committee, I am also a member of the IT Committee), so I can join the committee battles and all other activities especially for Active Members. When I am not at the university thinking of dirty copulas, I like sailing, singing my favorite karaoke song ‘Anton aus Tirol’ and perform my hidden talent, running! A lot of people didn’t expect a year ago that I would participate in the Erasmus Charity Run on the 10th of April and finish it hopefully in less than three quarters of an hour. Currently we are already very busy for making the conference a big success, which should not be a problem with such a capable committee. Besides that, I hope to see you all at our career event ‘Future after FAECTOR’, which takes place in the beginning of May so keep an eye on all promotion channels FAECTOR has!

Lars van Kempen

Dear readers,

My name is Lars van Kempen, I am 21 years old and a huge sports fan. I enjoy watching basketball, tennis, football, volleyball... you name it. Of course I do not only watch, I play an occasional game of squash or football. Currently I'm the secretary of the Alumni Committee. By now I've been lucky enough to be able to enjoy many FAECTOR activities and yet I'm still looking forward to the next one. Of course, the most important one to look out for is the conference that we are currently organising for the 27th of May, where many interesting start-ups will explain their progress as they present their paths to success.

Robert Arends

Hi there, my name is Robert Arends and I am a Master student in Quantitative Finance. You might recognize me from some Inleiding Programmeren tutorial session where I have been a teaching assistant, organising the LED 2016 in Rotterdam or attending some FAECTOR activity. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Zoetermeer, also known as Zoetje or nul-zeven-negen. With the Alumni Committee, we will organize two great events in May and I am looking forward to see you all participating!

Pepijn Keuls

Dear Estimator,

My name is Pepijn Keuls I am 22 years old and currently doing my Master. You can often find me in the Erasmus gym or hanging out with friends. My favourite karaoke song is ‘I want it that way’ (of course). I am looking most forward this year to see my committee again, such handsome, much talented, very wow. It is hard to recall the most awkward moment in my life, my life is like a chain of awkward moments. I cannot answer who the sexiest FAECTOR member is, I have a feeling I am biased towards the women, therefore my opinion is not objective enough.

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| Published on: Mar 21, 2016