Hunting for Easter eggs

The anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus is upon us and that can mean only one thing.... chocolate eggs! I can't even begin to imagine what Jesus must have thought when, 2000 plus years ago he performed his greatest magic trick in his arsenal and, as the people clapped, they announced: "And we shall mark this day for the rest of time by eating a shit load of chocolate eggs!" Poor bloke, it must be tough having such a famous father as well who casts a shadow over your own legacy. Anyway, not to be left out, FAECTOR decided to adhere to this tradition; more specifically, the FAECTOR active members, led by the wonderful IntAct Committee.

The active members gathered in the FAECTOR office which got a bit rowdy because of the eager anticipation to celebrate Jesus' resurrection; it was, after all, pretty impressive. On a little side note here, I do hope Johan Cruijff does something similar as the Dutch team is very lacklustre at the moment and could do with some innovation. I'd be up for eating some chocolate eggs if that happened, and perhaps a beer or two. Anyway, the IntAct Committee had hidden loads of miniature eggs around campus for everyone to find. This, of course, provided a problem as students  from all other studies who always 'pretend' to study hard in the Polak building saw this happening and, before the FAECTORians had even started had eaten about a quarter of the Easter eggs around campus. Luckily they're not as smart as us so it was only a quarter of the total amount, and there were still plenty left to find.

So the hunt commenced! The EC and FC were out the door before you could say Jack Robinson, clearly eager to resurrect their own childhood, rather than remember the true purpose of finding Easter eggs: to remember Jesus. So for the next half hour, around 50 students scoured the campus looking for chocolate delights as the committee that brought back the most Easter eggs would achieve the most points, and hence be declared the winner. I'd here like to introduce the bright sparks that are the members of the Alumni Committee. They immediately recognised that the eggs were the 'voordeel' packs from the Plus supermarket. So, as the rest of the committee pretended to hunt for eggs, Lars from Kempen went to Plus to buy some eggs (“Plus geeft meer”). What some people would do to win eh... It was no surprise then that the Alumni Committee was announced as the overall winner. But, ladies and gentleman, Easter, like any other public holiday, is a time for giving. So the real winners of the egg hunt were the Estimator and Lustrum Committees. These fine people donated all of their eggs to those less fortunate in life, i.e. the Sports and ECD Committees. May these eggs be a light at the end of your dark tunnel and may you find Jesus (he has more Easter eggs as he gets them for free).

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Written by:
  • Emrys Komen
| Published on: Apr 02, 2016