The moment is there: the announcement of the 51st board of FAECTOR

The moment everyone has been waiting for, the changing of the guard, the turning of the tables; THE NEW faector BOARD, NUMBER 51! As the study association's greatest partner, the Estimator, in cooperation with Waffle Entertainment, has the privilege of bringing you the names and some new positions in the FAECTOR board for the coming academic year.

First and foremost, we will start by introducing you to the President of the 51st board of FAECTOR: Michael Darmoutomo. Many of you may recognise Michael as a familiar face from the Marketing Committee of this year where he played a key role in the organisation and promoted FAECTOR to be the large corporation it is now. The skills he showed in this role made him the perfect candidate for presidency. Further, his role as front singer of the Frontalley Gentlemen (FAG; the main act of this year’s X-FAECTOR) clearly makes him the perfect face of our association.

Michael Darmoutomo

In recent years the university has been very busy with internationalisation and it is for this reason that the 50th board decided to introduce an International Officer. Obviously, for such a role, experience and perfect command of the English language are needed. Mitchell van Cittert will therefore be taking up the duties of International Officer on a part-time basis (as he did with Marketing this year).

Mitchell van Cittert

The new Career Officer may also be a face you recognise. Joost Dopheide, current chair of the Sport Committee, will fill this position. Joost is, and always has been, very focused on his career, so this is clearly a great decision.

Joost Dopheide

The new Secretary will be Madalina Moraru. You may recognise this girl if you have Facebook stalked her (many boys have). She is a strong, independent Romanian woman and therefore perfectly suited to the position.

Madalina Moraru

This year FAECTOR realised they really need someone as Treasurer who is really good with numbers. Current B&R Beurs President Eckhart Vlaming will therefore fill the position of Treasurer/Investment Officer. FAECTOR is going to stop being a non-profit organisation next year due to its current inefficient core business. Eckhart will therefore also be looking to use his investment skills by investing our membership fees on the Stock Exchange.

Eckhart Vlaming

Finally, Nemanja Milanovic, the popular Serbian Dutchman, will become the next Educational Officer. It goes without saying that the board needed someone who's really down with the kids and you need look no further than Nemanja if it comes to that.

Nemanja Milovanovic

So there you have it. Together these six students will form the 51st board of FAECTOR (due to the excellent work of this year’s Marketing Officer and Commercial Officer, we won’t be needing those next year). We look forward to another successful year and hope you do too!

The CV’s of Nemanja, Michael and Madalina can be found here, here and here respectively.

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Written by:
  • Emrys Komen
| Published on: May 17, 2016