Best places to go to in the summer: part 2

For those readers that didn’t plan their summer holidays yet, Estimator has selected the best holiday destinations! In part 2, we are going to give some tips about where to travel in South America and Asia. Disclaimer: all the information was gotten from online websites, so it might not be totally correct.



Thailand is a really beautiful place to travel. Although it can be quite expensive to travel there from Europe, it is really worth it. If you like to relax on the beach and not do anything or go walking through mountains, than this is the best country to go. Especially if you would like to go to the famous Full Moon Party on the Phi Phi Island. Thailand is also known for its great food markets where you can find a lot of good and cheap food. There are also a lot of Buddhist temples if you are interested.


Bali has the most beautiful white sand beaches

Have you ever wanted to see the place in which Eat, Pray, Love was filmed and maybe even find the love of your life? Then Indonesia is the perfect place to go. There are a lot of islands that are part of Indonesia but the best ones to visit are Bali and Java. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta, which is situated on the island Java, although a lot of people decide to skip the capital due to the fact that is really crowded and chaotic. In Java you can see the Ijen volcano, which has this incredible blue flame. The other island Bali is the best known island of Indonesia, which has the most beautiful white sand beaches. On the other hand, in the north of Bali you can find beaches with dark volcanic sand. If what you really want is to party then you should go to the Gili Islands, situated around the Lombok Island.

South America


Have you ever thought about traveling to South America? I bet one of your first choices wasn’t Bolivia. Because who would go to Bolivia if can go to Brazil or Argentina or even Peru, where you can see Machu Picchu. But I’m here to tell you that Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in South America to travel and has a great diversity. There are the salt flats of Uyuni, which are the biggest salt flats in the world. There is also the Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest in the world, in an altitude of 3821 m. The capital La Paz has also a lot to offer, especially if you like extreme sports. For example, you can abseil down in the biggest office buildings in the city or near La Paz you can go by mountain bike over the narrow dirt road with the title of the world’s most dangerous road: the Death Road. At the end of the road you can get to the tropical climate of the rain forest.


If you want to see the Amazonia Rainforest, you should definitely go to Manaus

When talking about this country, I can be a little bit biased since it’s my home country. But one important detail for Brazil and Chile is that it is winter when Europe has summer. So if you intend to go there to go to the beaches in Rio I wouldn’t recommend going in the water. However, if you want to go there, you can still enjoy the summer. In the northeast of the country there are gorgeous beaches, like in Fortaleza or Canoa Quebrada. If you would like to see the Amazonia Forest then you definitely should go to Manaus. If you decide to adventure in the cold winter in Brazil (which is not that cold at all), you can go to the south of the country. There you will encounter the beautiful Foz do Iguaçu, which are waterfalls that are shared with Argentina. You can see the waterfalls from the side as well.

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