FAECTOR Opening Party

Monday the 26th of September many of you FAECTORians gathered at the dungeon of the newest club in Rotterdam, NORA. The former Club BED is known for having a great dance floor in the basement. This day however, the usually dark cellar turned green by all those beating FAECTOR hearts.

The night started of a little slow, but after some games of rock, paper, scissors with the Board things started to get more exciting.

Before we knew it there were party people everywhere. Dancing faster than their shadows, drinking beers with the lads or delicately enjoying a wine. Rumour has it that the former Marketing Committee had something to celebrate, as they were seen with a bottle of prosecco. I wonder what that was all about, but I think we'll have to wait until the 27th of October to find out.

As with all good nights there's happened too much and remembered too little. Luckily Ka-chun was there and made sure we all have a little souvenir.

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Written by:
  • Arjan Verheijen
| Published on: Oct 10, 2016