Econometric Career Days: The Grand Opening



Econometric Career Days: the Grand Opening

In less than two weeks the annual Econometric Career Days will kick off. In just four years the Econometric Career Days have not only grown into FAECTOR’s largest event, but also into the largest on-campus career event for econometricians in Europe. And we’re still expanding: this year we will have 6 days and 24 companies, a growth of over 70% compared to last year. The numbers show it: econometricians are popular with employers, so you are in a good position. Wherever you may see yourself in 10 years, if you work hard for it, chances are you can make it. But where do you actually see yourself in 10 years? Marketing, finance, logistics or something completely different? Large multinational or your own startup? With that many options, making a decision can be dazzling sometimes. That’s why we've invited three professionals who already made their decision years ago. Three people who made completely different choices and landed in completely different jobs. They will share their stories with you during the Grand Opening.

Be inspired and join the Grand Opening to hear these interesting stories.



First of all, we've invited Paul Smits, the CFO of the Port of Rotterdam. After a career at TNO and KPN he joined the board of Rotterdam’s Port. Paul Smits will talk about his experience as a leader of one of the world’s largest ports and all innovations that are being implemented. Next to that, Kim Verhaaf will visit us during the opening. Kim Verhaaf is the Global Head Advanced Analytics at ING. He knows all the ins and outs about big data in banking and will share his knowledge and experience in this field. Our last guest will be Tijs Rokers, a data scientist and specialist in the field of sports data. Using econometric techniques he analyses and predicts football matches.


Be inspired and join the Grand Opening to hear these interesting stories. The Grand Opening will take place at the 7th of November between 11:00h and 14:00h. Afterwards the Best Econometric Thesis Award ceremony will take place where the best bachelor and master theses will be rewarded. Sign up at and you will also receive a free ticket for the Closing Party!


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