New Year's Drink

The fifth evening of 2017 was marked by the third After Exam Drink a.k.a. New Year’s Drink in which the FAECTORians gathered in Eetcafé Concordia to celebrate the fact that we survived 2016. Once again, we were there to perform our bimonthly ritual of crowding into the little space in front of the bar in case somebody wants to play football or stage the Notre-Dame de Paris Musical in the comfortable space around the pool table while we enjoy the cozy atmosphere of friendship and sip our drinks.

However, this time, this regular celebration of our youth and endurance was preceded by another activity: the Pub Quiz. Although I cannot share the details of this legendary quiz, I heard that it was quite challenging. The winning team was Alicia, Artiom, Bob and Milena’s team (with teamname Alicia, Artiom, Bob and Milena), but I’m sure that everybody enjoyed the competition and found what they were there for.

Yet, the most key moment of the night was neither of the above; it was the announcement of the destination of the City Trip. The Activity Committee was supposed to make even the most pessimists of us hopeful about 2017 and it seems like they have chosen the place where everybody wanted to go this year: the stunning Eastern European city Prague. If you are an adventurer in pursuit of joy and pleasure, I strongly suggest you to go for it and explore the beauty of Prague with fellow FAECTORians.

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Written by:
  • Deniz Acikgoz
| Published on: Jan 18, 2017