Vote for FAECTOR in the Councils!

From Tuesday the 18th of April, you are able to vote on candidates for the ESE School Council and University Council. Also this year, members of FAECTOR are participating in both elections. Below you can see who they are, for which council they are eligible and what they stand for.


Diederik Hagenbeek (School Council ESE) 

In the upcoming period I will put myself forward to become a member of the faculty council of the ESE. My plans will emphasize on the following three aspects:
Improvement of student facilities: Longer opening hours University Library, Wi-Fi Everywhere, lower prices for coffee and printing facilities. The UB needs to have later closing times in the week before the exams. This already happens on all of the other universities. Wi-Fi needs to be available on the whole campus, also in the Sports Building and the public areas. Prices at the coffee machines and printers need to be lowered to the cost price, on other Dutch universities already the same system of lower prices is implemented. There already is enough money being spent.
Language: All communications done by the university should be bilingual: Dutch and English. The university pinned themselvs to communicaties in both Dutch and English, then they also have to act like this. Every building, every sign, every presentation and every slogan are nowadays only in English. Time for change.
International Students: Improve the inclusion of students into the Dutch society. International and Dutch students live alongside each other. Many international students leave after their studies to another country, since they have never learned the language here and therefor have struggles in searching a job and settling here. De government subsidises these studies then as a result without getting anything back from it, and students do not make use of their opportunities. I suggest a compulsory course Dutch for all full-time studying international students, such that they can integrate easier in the Dutch society.


Clemens Hendrickx (School Council ESE)

Hello students and staff members! My name is Clemens Hendrickx, and I'm running for ESE School Council.

To provide some background information about me: I am nineteen years old and I am currently in my first year of the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research. 
Since this academic year I live in Rotterdam, however I was born and raised in Haarlem (a smaller city in the province of Noord-Holland).
Now, you might be asking yourself: "Why should I vote for Clemens? After all, he’s only a first-year student at our faculty.
This is a fair question and yes, while it is true that I haven’t been at this faculty for many years, this does not mean I am inexperienced and not fit for the position. Quite the contrary even, the decisions of the faculty council have the longest impact on the current first-year students, since they’ll be here the longest.
I am also not as inexperienced as you might think. At my secondary school, for instance, I was a member of the School Council. An experience I learned greatly from and where I, together with the other Council members, accomplished some great things. One of which was finally making the school switch to a new Study Information network and get rid of the obsolete system that was in use before.
As a member of the Faculty Council, I will represent the students and their needs to the best of my ability and I will work hard to make our faculty even better than it already is.

Choose someone you want to be your spokesperson. Choose someone who cares about what you want.
Choose me, Clemens Hendrickx, for your ESE School Council representative.


Seungwon Kim (School Council ESE and University Council)

Go on, Get your Kim out.

Kim will be a good representative because he is 
aware, ready to listen and not afraid to speak up. Kim is ready.

Kim knows that we need more exchange destinations. 
Students with ambition and dreams come to me. I am aware that lot of students desire to go for an exchange to a whole new world. However, Erasmus School of Economics students do not have a wide variety of choices and that has to be changed. We need more partner universities and I can make that happen.

With Kim everything will go smoothly. 
Erasmus School of Economics is planning to renovate the H-Building. I am aware that long renovation of the university library resulted in fewer study places for students and other discomforts. I don’t want people to experience this again when the H-Building goes under renovation in the near future and I will do my best to minimize the impact. 

Kim knows quality. 
Tutorials are a great opportunity for us to solidify our knowledge. They are great, but I know that there is room for improvements. Therefore, I would like to work towards better tutoring preparation program to ensure improved tutorials. Future tutors will be able to learn effective teaching and communication skills and students will be able boost their grades through these lessons. 

Do you want to make Erasmus University better? 
Make Kim Happen


Veroniek Visser (School Council ESE)

Hi everyone, I’m Veroniek and will be a second-year student in Econometrics the upcoming year. With an open mindset, I’m determined to change some matters in the ESE.
I have 2 points which are very important in my opinion and will be my first points of action. First of all, lecturers often are not enough provided with a sufficient didactical skillset. They are not aware of all opportunities in education and it lacks progress. Currently, starting teachers will only have 1 starting cursus. To make lectures more accessible and up to date, it is a point of growth to obligate lecturers to follow yearly courses in didactical skills. Secondly, the EUR has the ambition to use more MOOC’s in the future, where all education at the EUR should become available for everyone in the world. However, students of the ESE do not even have the possibility to see their own lectures online, while this already is the case for other faculties. In general, I want to improve the digitalisation of the ESE, such that less time is needed for common processes, while the emphasis will be put on personal attention.


Elena Vollmer (School Council ESE)

My name is Elena Vollmer, I am an international student in the Double Bachelor Program Econometrics and Economics and I would like to represent YOU coming year in the ESE school council! Currently, I am a member of the Econometrics Education Committee and was a student representative of my course last year. This valuable experience showed me how important it is that YOUR opinion is heard so that we can outline together the future of our university. 

My focus for the ESE Council, if you elect me, will be:

- The improvement of the organisation of internships. Many students want to do an internship, rather than going on exchange, but face the difficulty to find an internship and do not know where they can ask information about it. A better organisation of the internship could easily improve the diversity of opportunities for students during their third year. 

- To increase the visibility of the ESE School Council. Students should know what the Council does and should be informed about the decisions taken in the faculty council, because in the end we are representing YOU and YOUR opinion counts. I would like to advocate for more visibility and approachability of the council by improving the website and publishing the reports of the meetings. In this way, any student of the ESE can read what decisions were taken and contact easily the student members.

- More practical connection with the theory of the courses of the ESE. Students, especially in the bachelor courses, sometimes do not know why they study certain material. Integrating more practical applications, will provide a better link of study material to reality and provide them with more guidance for possible fields they are interested later on in their studies. 

However, in the end I want to run for YOU and be YOUR student representative in the ESE School Council- so that I make YOUR voice count!

Know who you want to vote for? You can vote NOW on Log in with your student ERNA ID and password and choose the candidates you want to vote for! Note: you can vote until the 25th of April, so don't wait to long with casting your vote.

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