MICompany Puzzalytics II

It is common knowledge that econometricians are real number crunchers. Being confronted with the most abstract mathematical proofs or calculations, they do not avoid the challange but pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and tackle the problem head on. For these kind of people MIcompany set up their very own puzzle line, called 'Puzzalytics'. Beside a fun and useful way to pass the time, they hope that Puzzalytics will increase the enthusiasm for solving problems in a systematic way. Of course it can be helpful for new applicants at MIcompany to practice with all the puzzles which are rated five stars or more.

Care to see if you are a real 'puzzalytician'? Below you can find three puzzalytics riddles you can try for yourself!

You can download a pdf copy of the puzzles for on the go by clicking here.

The Puzzalytics from MIcompany, which first started off as a thing that they offered their business contacts to do during the summer holidays, became such a wild succes that they made two puzzle books so far and every week new puzzles are placed in the newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad. Keen to read more about Puzzalytics, or find the solutions to the puzzles above? You can take a look on their website, where you also can find more information about the company, a career at MIcompany and for example their vacancies.

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Written by:
  • Mateusz Galle
| Published on: Jun 12, 2017