Welcome on Board: Part I

They've been running FAECTOR for a couple of months now already. So, it's about time to get to know the 52nd board a little. In this first edition of Welcome on Board, we talk to Thomas, Tobias, Anke and Romain.

Can you shortly introduce yourself?

Anke: I am Anke and I am 21 years old. I grew up in the sunny South in a place called Maastricht. I lived a “bourgondisch” life there, eating vlaai and speaking a vague dialect. I danced for 13 years in my spare time while I still lived at my parents’ place, but ever since then most of the dancing I do happens in Vibes or on the tables in the Skihut.

Romain: Ola! My name is Romain Heuts, I am 22 years old and I am the Commercial Officer of the 52nd board this year. Next to my tasks as a member of the board, I have the honour to supervise the External Committee! I am originally from the beautiful south of the Netherlands: Maastricht. This resulted in an accent and, of course, an appetite for good food. In my spare time, I like to spend time with friends and to play football at Antibarbari.

Tobias: I introduce nothing (explanation for you guys of the Estimator: ik stel niks voor). No seriously, my name is Tobias Hoogteijling, I'm 21 years old and from the real V-town Voorburg (not to be confused with fake V-town Voorschoten). This year I'm the Treasurer and Vice-president of the 52nd board of FAECTOR. This makes me in charge of all money related issues, like making the budget for the whole association, checking all the committee budgets, sending and paying all invoices and doing all the financial administration. Furthermore, I'm the supervisor of the Activities Committee, Event Committee and Sports Committee, which are obviously the most gezellige committees FAECTOR is rich and also organise the amazing 007 Dinner, Ski Trip, City Trip and End of the Year Party!

Thomas: My name is Thomas Michelotti, I am 21 years old and I live in the middle of Kralingen with my two roommates. Last year, I finished my Bachelor in Econometrics, but before I will start my Master (probably Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing), I am spending the upcoming year as part of the 52nd board of FAECTOR! After being a member of the Internal Activities Committee and the Business Trip Committee, I am really excited to have a full-time position in the board and make it an amazing year for all FAECTOR members :)

What are your specific goals for this year?

Anke: Of course, an important goal this year will be to organise successful events, like the Econometric Career Days, Business Trip and Quantitative Finance Tour. However, I especially look forward to a great year with my fellow board members.

Thomas: I want to have an amazing year with my fellow board members, I want to organise some wonderful activities for all of FAECTOR's members and I want to make sure that FAECTOR stays the greenest and most amazing faculty association in the world!

What does your week usually look like?

I especially look forward to a great year with my fellow board members.

Anke: That’s quite a difficult question, as every week is different. One week the entire board room is filled with people who want to buy their books and other weeks everyone is walking in and out for coffee and committee meetings. However, as I am the supervisor of two committees, I have at least two committee meetings a week and of course, the board meeting on Tuesday morning.

Thomas: This is a very difficult question, as most weeks are completely different. Usually, it consists of quite a few meetings with for example the Supervisory Board or with other study associations. These include the other study associations within the Faculty (Erasmus School of Economics), within the University, or even with the other econometrics associations from all over the country! Apart from that, there is a weekly board meeting, a game of squash against one of my fellow board members, and of course all of the FAECTOR events!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Romain: This is a hard question, but if I have to choose I would choose the following: our After Exam Drinks at our pub Concordia, Beer Cantus, Econometric Career Days, OBD, Find Your Match, City Trip, Active Members Weekend, Football Tournament…I surely forgot a lot of other wonderful events!

Tobias: I'm an undefeated paintballer, so I'm looking forward to giving everyone who dares a master class. And of course the Beer Cantus, Ski Trip and City Trip!

Thomas: That's another tough one, as I am looking forward to all of the activities that we are organising in the upcoming year! If I had to name a few, the Active Members Weekend, the Interfaculty Gala and the City Trip are definitely amongst them!

I'm an undefeated paintballer, so I'm looking forward to giving everyone who dares a master class.

Why did you apply specifically to the board position you currently have?

Romain: First of all, I think that this position gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself the most. For example think about expanding the number of companies, the amount of vacancies on econometrie.com or the revenue from acquisitions of FAECTOR. Besides, as a commercial Officer you make sure the bonds between sponsors and FAECTOR stay strong. This means that you will visit all the companies during summer and keep into contact with the recruiters. This gives you the great opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of companies and to broaden your professional network.

Thomas: I don't like to make minutes during a meeting as much as Maurits and I am not as good at spending money as Tobias. Also, I already organised the best Business Trip ever so I don't want to risk going again this year like Anke. Furthermore, I enjoy being a student so much that I definitely don't want to get in contact with as many companies as Romain. I also already took part in the FAECTOR Research Project last year, so another 3-week trip to an amazing destination outside of Europe seems a bit boring, right Jitte? Finally, I always use Paint whenever I want to edit an image, so I'm pretty sure that the promotion this year is in safe hands with Sian. Basically, I didn't really have a choice but to go for President...

Do any of your fellow board members have very annoying habits?

Romain: Sure! Thomas (in other words; kakkerlak Thomas) visits the home matches of Feyenoord (I am a supporter of Ajax).

Tobias: Some have the tendency to ask for money, which I don't like at all.

Thomas: All of them do haha, Maurits and Sian are a big fan of techno music and like to have a "grimmig techno uurtje" every once in a while (listening to techno music at the FAECTOR office for an hour is very annoying, especially when you are more a fan of Tess - Stupid and any song by Atomic Kitten). Romain and Anke are the CoCa-duo (Commercial-Career) and, even though they get along great, they tend to argue about who is more important and should therefore have access to a second PC screen (currently, Anke has won the fight). Then there is Jitte, who is a really big fan of chocolate. This wouldn't be so weird if she didn't eat hagelslag as breakfast, lunch and dinner, without any bread... Finally, Tobias has the very strange habit of wearing short pants even in winter, so he can show off his calf muscles.

Maurits and Sian are a big fan of techno music and like to have a "grimmig techno uurtje" every once in a while.

If you had to pick one other position in the board, besides your own, which one would it be and why?

Romain: Career Officer, because you will be responsible for the organisation of the Quantitative Finance Tour!

Tobias: Commercial. It's an excuse to keep on talking all the time. Also, you come into contact with many big and prestigious companies and you make contacts for life.

Tobias, did you buy a boat (or a mansion) with the FAECTOR creditcard yet?

No. Yes. Maybe. Why do you ask? Different topic please. Do you also like hobbies so much?

What was the first thing you did when you knew you were in the 52nd board?

Tobias: I was actually going for a run, so I set a personal record time! After that, I popped a bottle of Champoepel!

Anke: I buffalo’d the champagne bottle I bought to celebrate the occasion.

Romain: Shaking a champagne bottle, popping it open and then spraying my friends with showers of champagne.

Thomas: I called Barack to thank him for all the work he put into the job in the past 8 years, I bought a plane ticket to D.C. and I enjoyed a bottle of champagne in the Oval Office! (President)

Shaking a champagne bottle, popping it open and then spraying my friends with showers of champagne.

Romain, as the Commercial Officer, you spend a lot of time meeting and calling companies. How busy is your schedule with this type of activities?

To give you an idea, in late June until the beginning of September, I visited partners everyday (except weekends) to discuss their last year’s experience and to discuss their recruitment strategy in the upcoming academic year. Throughout this period all your friends go on holiday, but if you would ask whether I would prefer a holiday over visiting our partners, I'd definitely say NO! It’s been a really great experience!

Tobias, did you have any experience with handling money for an association before you started this board year?

Last year I was the treasurer of the korfball association R.S.K.V. Erasmus. My predecessor once jokingly said he only wanted me as his successor, because that would make it less work for him to teach me. At that time I laughed, but later I sat down in a corner and cried.

I want to make sure that FAECTOR stays the greenest and most amazing faculty association in the world!

Thomas, if your position in the board was a historical figure, who would you be?

Well, choosing one of the past 45 presidents of the US would be a bit too easy don't you think? I think I will go with Leonardo da Vinci, because he was an all-rounder and really interested in and focused on many different subjects. Also, I am half Italian, so I think it fits quite well!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Welcome on Board, where we talk to the other three board members: Maurits, Jitte and Sian.

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