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Next in line of our welcommittees is the EventCommittee. This committee is busy organising some of the most fun and must-join events of the year. They are the ones providing you with among other things the cycling dinner, beercantus and of course, not to be forgotten, the skitrip. Curious who are behind the scenes putting in all their effort for you? We proudly present to you: the EventCommittee. 

Tobias Hoogteijling

“Your father is a thief. He has stolen all stars from the sky and put them in your eyes!”

My name is Tobias Hoogteijling and this year I am the treasurer of the 52nd board of FAECTOR. Apart from being in charge of the finances of the association, which is a much more cumbersome task than you might imagine, I also supervise the Activities Committee, the Consultancy Committee and of course the Event Committee! With my board and my committees, I do a lot of serious tasks, but I also very much enjoy the fact that we often have a very good time together. In my free time I try to prevent the board kilos of getting to me by doing sports: running, weight training and korfball at RSKV Erasmus. I’m looking forward to all the events that are yet to come, like the City Trip, the start of the first project of the FAECTOR Consultancy Project in cooperation with football club Excelsior, the still secret first activity of the Event Committee at the 29th of March, and most importantly, the very exciting board applications for the 53rd board of FAECTOR! That circus will start in about a month already!

My most embarrassing moment was when I was corrected for a grammar error by Romain, who is from below the rivers.

Sean Goedgeluk

I am equivalent to the empty set when you are not with me.”

Currently I am in the first year of the BSc^2 program. In my free time I like to work out, although this gets replaced by wakeboarding and chilling next to the water when the weather becomes warmer. Next to this I also like snowboarding and skiing. Last year I studied Electrical Engineering in Delft, where I got to know DROP, a boardsport association. This year I got asked to be part of the wakeboard committee, which I am now also doing with a lot fun! Not more than with my new committee members in the amazing EventCo!

One of my most embarrassing moments was leaving my gloves in the train, after I did the same with my sunglasses the day before...

Charlotte Gasseling

On a scale from 1 to 10 you are a 9 and I am the 1 you need.”

My name is Charlotte, I am 18 years old and this year I started the BSc2 economics/econometrics programme. I moved to Rotterdam a couple of months ago and my parents live in Prinsenbeek, a town next to Breda. I always loved playing field hockey when I was younger, but stopped this year because of my new studies in Rotterdam. Next to this, I love being active outdoors and hanging out with friends in my spare time.

I thought Norwegians came from ‘Norland’, which was quite embarrassing.

Tomas Liesting

“Have you ever played the 5 questions game? (if you wanna know how it works you may play).”

My name is Tomas, 20 years of age and second year econometrics in Rotterdam. I come from Rotterdam, but lived the biggest part of my childhood in Noordwijk. I love playing hockey and making/listening to music and I like games in general (I needed an upgrade from 64-128 gb to have enough space for all these stupid but fun games on my phone).

Once I was so drunk that I confused my sock drawer for a toilet. 

Fay Rosman

“I wish I was your second derivative so I could investigate your concavities.”

Hi I am Fay, I am nineteen years old and I like to eat and sleep.

I once put my shoes on the wrong feet. Haha funny. I know.

Rebecca van Essen

How do I know so many digits of pi but not the 10 digits of your phone number?”

Hi everyone, I am Rebecca, the chairwoman of the most awesome committee FAECTOR has, the Event Committee. I’m a third year econometrics student and I love being an active member at the greenest association on campus. Next to that I like playing field hockey, cooking, watching netflix and committee avondjes.

Hmm I guess my most embarrassing moment was losing my sunglasses on a bridge in Alaska and then walking into the ice cold water to save it while about fifty Americans were laughing at me. Saved the sunglasses tho!

Where will the EventCommittee members be in 10 years?

This or that?

We gave the committee member a few dilemmas and this is what they chose:

Tobias: 'I consume so much food in a day, that would be undoable with gummy bear teeth!'

Sean: 'Am I an alcoholic if I say that one beer a night is not nearly enough? I would definitely go for chugging. When is this gonna happen? I wouldn’t miss out on it!'

Rebecca: 'Skitrip! The lack of alcohol during the day will be compensated with a good après ski party after hitting the slopes.'

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Written by:
  • Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek
| Published on: Mar 30, 2018