FAECTOR's Committees, part I

This Friday is the deadline for the FAECTOR committee applications. In case some of you are still doubting whether to join a certain committee because you do not yet exactly know what it entails, this article hopes to clear that up! In this article, four out of the nine committees will be discussed.

The Internal Activities Committee

Hi everyone!

My name is Meiyee and last year I was a proud member of the Internal Activities Committee, accompanied by Daan van Regteren, Sanne Bakker, Dave Warsito, Martijn van Erp, and Maurits de Bruijn. One of our many tasks was to make sure that all our active members felt at home at our beautiful association. We tried to achieve this by organising activities for our active members, where they could get to know each other and bond. The hightlight of our year was the infamous Active Members Weekend, it is something we worked towards from the start of the year and I am proud to say it was a huge success. Being a member of the IntAct allows you to get to know all of your lovely active members as well as improve on your organising skills. At the end of the year you also have the honour to organise the Eurekaweek, where you need to pass the FAECTOR spirit to the new econometricians. All in all, I built upon my organising, planning and social skills. And most importantly I had a lot of fun!

On average I spent about 5/6 hours per week, including the weekly meetings and preparing for our activities. I could easily combine it with my studies, and still had plenty of spare time left. Time should not be a concern, as our considerate board will make sure you have enough time to pass your studies. 

In a nutshell, the IntAct is a very fun committee that allows you to improve on your organising skills and meet friends for life. We are looking forward to meeting our successors, so see you soon!



External Committee

Hello everyone!

My name is Ron Hochstenbach, and together with Dana de Leeuw, Jovana Milanovic, Koen Pethke, chairman Jacob Landsman and supervisor from the board Romain Heuts we formed last year’s External Affairs Committee! We are tasked with the more career-focused side of FAECTOR. On one hand, we organised the first Women Consultancy Day together with InDuplo and FSR, which is part of ICansultancy (next year, a separate committee will exist for this). On the other hand, we assisted Romain, the commercial officer of the board, with the acquisition of companies, that later participated in the various career events FAECTOR organises. This entails a lot of coldcalling: selecting potential companies and calling and emailing them to convince them to participate in the events. This is serious and hard work, but it gives a lot of satisfaction once succeeded. Also, you get to know a very wide range of companies looking for econometrics students and it is the perfect way to improve your sales skills, which will prove to be very handy during the rest of your career! An average “ExCo-week” for me consisted of a meeting, which usually takes between 1 or 2 hours, 2 hours of coldcalling and about 1 hour of other work. Apart from the serious work, of course, we had plenty of fun together “out of the office”, having dinner or beers with the rest of the committee!

We hope to meet you in the future as a new member of the External Affairs Committee!


Marketing Committee

Dear potential active member!

This past year I was the chairman of the Marketing Committee, also known as the MarCo. I really enjoyed this past year and would encourage anybody who’s interested in becoming an active member to apply for this amazing committee. What is really unique about this committee is that you get to learn a whole new skillset: working with InDesign and Photoshop. It is also one of the only committees which creates something tangible, namely the Almanac. Working on the Almanac, and other promotional material, really gives you a creative outlet which can be a nice change of pace, next to the study of Econometrics, which at times can be a bit dry.  But best of all, working on such a large project as the Almanac really gives you the opportunity to work closely with an amazing group of people within FAECTOR. Although this committee can definitely be time-consuming, especially towards the end of the year when the Almanac deadline approaches, it will all be worth it once you have that book in your hand! Especially since you get to reveal your Almanac at the end-of-the-year party, which is really the MarCo’s time to shine. If I had to do it over, without a doubt I would apply to the MarCo again!


Activities Committee

If you ask me how the Activities Committee 2017/2018 was, there is only one word for it: legendary. 

Joining the AC is not only about improving your skills in organising events, but also about building up friendships. From day one our committee had a great bond, even though I did not really know any of the others before. We often had drinks, pizza or even sleep overs together, and through this we became close friends outside the committee work. Also, I was very happy that they helped me improve my Dutch skills, all of them always encouraged me to try to speak Dutch, but of course did not mind English either.

Of course the main purpose of the committee was still about organising the biggest and coolest events of FAECTOR. We kicked the year off with the beer cantus (singing all night long and having a beer or two too much).  This was followed by the casino royal, James Bond dinner, where the participants got a three course menu including some black jack games with great prices. Finally we could start brainstorming about the city trip, the biggest and most exciting activity. We flew with 60 students ranging from freshmen to masters to Warsaw and had the best time. Lastly we finished the academic year with a sailor themed party, "sailing into the holidays". 

Even though the AC was my second committee at FAECTOR, I still learned a lot: taking care of the budget, arranging activities in a foreign country, getting a better time management, writing marketing texts, turning ideas into reality and making sure everything goes as planned at the event itself. On average we had one meeting per week which lasted about 1-2 hours and 1-2 hours individual work at home, depending on the timing of the events.

I truly had an amazing time and I am happy that we all are staying close friends, as we already have our next city trip planned: visiting Tobias in Barcelona this December.



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  • Carlijn Otto
| Published on: Sep 10, 2018