Start Econometric Career Days

Tomorrow, one of the biggest career events for econometricians in the Netherlands will start: the Econometric Career Days (16-19 November). These days will be marked by prestigious companies that will give a little peek into the future of an econometrics student. It is a great opportunity for motivated students to get in touch with the business world.

FAECTOR’s ECD Committee has prepared a really interesting program for you for the coming days. On Monday, the event starts with a grand opening with econometrician Pieter Verboom, ex-CFO of multiple large companies like Schiphol Group and RFS Holland Holding, as a guest speaker. Afterwards, the ceremony of the Best Econometric Thesis Award (BETA, which is made possible by Veneficus) will take place, which is there to reward the hard work students put in their thesis.

The other days will be mainly focused on workshops and cases. During these days students will be challenged by solving real world problems that are proposed by the participating companies, such as De Nederlandsche Bank, Optiver and Aegon. Besides the on-campus activities, some participating students will also visit the ING Dinner or the auctioning floor of FloraHolland in Aalsmeer. For the exact program, you could also go to On Thursday the event will be concluded with a great boat party, which will be open for ALL students! So be there, or be square!


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Written by:
  • Maaike Niehof
| Published on: Nov 15, 2015