LED it be your year next year!

As Paul McCartney once said, "there will be an answer, LED it be". Ok, fair enough, he also said "live and LED die", but the LED is certainly the place where you can secure a bright, econometric future for yourself. The LED (Dutch acronym of the National Econometricians Day) is a great opportunity for all econometrics students across the country in their third year or above to connect with potential future employers in both a formal manner in company case studies and an informal manner in the more relaxed atmosphere at the drink and dinner before finally being allowed to LED it go at the LEDgendary party.

The popularity of this event is highlighted by the fact that people who signed up 45 minutes after the opening of the subscription list were no longer able to get a place. This year, the LED was held in Rotterdam at its famous World Trade Centre (WTC). As a diverse range of students filled the entrance hall of the WTC, you could feel the eLEDtric atmosphere full of people raring to get going. The day started off with a LEDture by Peter van Manen about how we can use econometrics and big data to develop this ever changing world that we live in that makes you give in and cry, so it was live and LED die. The morning then continued with two cases where students got the chance to experience what it's like to work at their selected company and mingle with the company's employees. The second LEDturer of the day was Sophie Conijn who gave a presentation about how students could improve their skills in applying for jobs, what recruiters look out for and general imperative life skills. The LED is famous for its great food and this year was no different as both the lunch and the dinner had a great assortment of food. This made for a great ambience to the dinner and LED everyone to break all social barriers and get on with each other like a house on fire. It was therefore no surprise that the day was over before you can say.... LED. This is where the students were able to relax and round off the day at the party. Today, many careers were determined and many people LED it be their day. With many thanks to the LED committee, see you all next year!

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Written by:
  • Emrys Komen
| Published on: Feb 12, 2016