Midsummer Christmas

With great thanks to the new Marketing Committee, FAECTOR is in full flow of its mission to become the biggest study association... in the world. Some say it was the best party they'd ever been to, and that the celebrity guest list included more big names than Luc Oudenes' phonebook, all we know is, IT WAS THE FAECTOR POST-EXAM DRINK!!!

To make this drink live up to its fast becoming awesome reputation, the theme for this drink was 'Midsummer Christmas'. Everything from the curtains to the beer was Midsummer Christmas themed. The guests were also invited to dress up and boy, they did not disappoint. I am pleased to announce that, on behalf of the Estimator and Marketing Committee and our good friends at EFR, Joost Dopheide was the best dressed and will receive a lifetime supply of EFR key rings. Furthermore, the second competition of the night was to guess the special guest. In addition to DJ Armin van Kempen and DJ Koomen, the third special performance was from our very own Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb who performed a special Midsummer Christmas version of Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex's “Drank en Drugs”. The winner of this competition, who will win a lifetime supply of goldfish, is none other than Alicia Curth. The drink was a success and the never-ending supply of bitter garniture definitely added to the Midsummer Christmas atmosphere.

The drink could not have been complete without the announcing of the annual International Research Project (IRP) study trip destinations. For 2016, the lucky candidates will be going to Dubai, Mozambique, Zanzibar and South Africa! Our final note comes from a very distraught Mitchell van Cittert who posted a warning to the people going on the trip: "stay away from those ladyboys!".

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Written by:
  • Emrys Komen
| Published on: Mar 10, 2016