FAECTOR my crib

You probably know the series MTV cribs. If you haven’t: it is a tv series in which rich (and usually spoiled) kids and celebrities show their impressive houses. We, as the Estimator, thought it would be a great idea if we could take a look in the villa of one of our own FAECTOR celebrities: Mitch!

The building looked more like a little shanty

After an adventurous journey through the shadiest neighbourhood of Rotterdam, which looked more like a ghetto, we arrived at the ‘villa’ of Mitch. Sadly, the name ‘villa’ appeared to be completely overrated. The building looked more like a little shanty. However, after we had climbed the rotten stairs and had avoided all the dirty rats with danger for our own lives, we were impressed by the majestic room we entered. To our surprise, the room appeared to be really clean and bright. The room even included a television and a nice couch. Besides, we discovered Mitch’ hidden hobby: producing his own vegetables in his little kitchen garden.

The place where all the magic happens.

See here the pictures of his little palace:

If you know someone of whom you would like to see the room, please send us a message at estimator@faector.nl!

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Written by:
  • Maaike Niehof
| Published on: Jun 14, 2016