Active Members Weekend 2017

On 3rd of March, after endless talks and speculations about how awesome it would be, Active Members Weekend has finally arrived. As we departed to our destination, Gorredijk, we were ready to party through a whole weekend. A weekend of tosti, beer and fun was awaiting us.

The party started as soon as we arrived to our isolated farm house and settled into our rooms. Then, things escalated very quickly. Everyday we started at 10:00 AM, played an excessive amount of party games, sang our favorite songs until we lost our voices, ate tosti whenever we felt hungry and danced a lot to burn the calories we gained from all those tostis. Also, we had a beer pong tournament, a Mario Kart tournament, a pub quiz in different days and a karaoke 'competition' (although some were more eager to 'compete' than others).

Although we did all these together, everybody had their own unique experiences and unforgettable things out of the weekend. Here is a list of our favourite things from this weekend which I will not forget for a very long time:

Driving force of party

All partying Active Members, with a shoutout to the Alumni committee (with their fabulous suits)

Favorite game

Ring of fire

Favorite object

Tosti machine         

Best moment

Karaokeing until at 02:30 AM

Most creative pastime

Creating modern art on top of sleeping Jeroen with random objects

Most intriguing question of the weekend

Waar is Mustafa?

All in all, this Active Members Weekend was one to remember. It was a fantastic weekend to get to know other active members better and made the green-beloved active member family feel a lot closer. We want to thank the IntAct for organising this awesome weekend!

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Written by:
  • Deniz Acikgoz
| Published on: Apr 04, 2017