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Once again, it’s for the beloved rubric 'Welcommitees!', where we present all new committees that started in January. We asked everyone to tell something about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. In this episode we introduce to you the committee that organises one of the biggest events FAECTOR has to offer: the FAECTOR Research Project.


Hey! My name is Sian and I am in the third year of BSc2. Since this year I am a member of the FAECTOR Research Project Committee. Next to that I can proudly say that I am the face of the sportive Rotterdam students. Our number one goal as a committee this year is to win the infamous FAECTOR Committee Battles. This is going quite well so far.

When it comes to the most awkward moment of my life, I can happily say I probably don't remember it anymore. However, I do recall waking up in a Cube House one day without a clue where I was, nor why. Luckily, my Snapchat story had all the answers.

...my Snapchat story had all the answers.


'Hi everyone, my name is Zohair and I am currently a 2nd year student and a proud ex-IT member. During the weekends I live between the apple and cherry gardens in the middle of the rural Betuwe. But during the week I survive between the gangsters and thugs in the ‘ghetto’ south of Rotterdam. In order to minimize the chance of getting hit by a random bullet flying around I spend a lot of time on the uni and H10.

A few days later I found out that the taxi driver was the uncle of a friend of mine. Great first impression I made.

This year I am secretary of the FRP committee. We working our butts off to build a great project. I hope we succeed in organising an unforgettable study project for all participants.

An pretty embarrassing moment happened a few months ago. After a party at the Vrienden Live with my fellow FAECTOR members I took a cab back home. During the ride I unfortunately got sick and had to get out of the car and cleanse my stomach. A few days later I found out that the taxi driver was the uncle of a friend of mine. Great first impression I made.


This year, I want to make the FAECTOR Research Project great again. This involves organizing the best internships and the most awesome study trip with the coolest committee of FAECTOR.

...I was a bit more drunk than I should have been.

One of the most embarrassing things I've experienced was the first time I slept at a certain friend his parent's place  and I was a bit more drunk than I should have been. I proceeded to vomit all over the bathroom and was too drunk to clean it properly. As a result the drainage of the sink was clogged. Nobody said anything about this the next day, but it was still very embarrassing as I can not believe that nobody noticed.


Raoul Martin

This year, I want the FRP committee to offer a wide variety of challenging research internships for our students and organize a trip they'll never forget.

My most embarrassing moment is something I would rather keep to myself...


Hi Everyone, my name is Romana and I am the Educational Officer of FAECTOR this year. This means that I am the supervisor of the awesome FAECTOR Research Project Committee. I am 22 years old and born and raised in Rotterdam. At the moment I am working very hard to finish the Charity Run in 51 minutes. Whether this ambitious goal has been achieved, you will know by the time this article has come online.

But lets talk some more about the awesome FRP Committee and its four competent committee members. Right now we are spending our days searching for internships for our beloved FAECTOR members. Afterwards we go on one of the best trips our lives. Next year’s destination is still unknown, but I can assure you it is going to be great! Jealous much? There is no need to, because you can sign up for this great project yourself!

One of the best trips of our lives


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