Econometric Career Days 2017

The Econometric Career Days (ECD) is the biggest on-campus recruitment event for econometricians in the world! During the ECD, students are connected to the prestigious participating companies. In cases, presentations, drinks, dinners, and many more activities, companies present themselves and show you what it’s like to work in their organization. Subscriptions are open until November 2nd, so be quick and subscribe for this great career event!

2017 marks the fifth anniversary of the ECD, meaning that you can be attending the first lustrum edition of the event. In five years, the ECD has grown from a humble two-day event into the biggest on-campus recruitment event for econometricians. To celebrate the ECD’s lustrum, the 2017 edition will be bigger and more varied than ever before.

The ECD will kick off with an unmissable symposium on econometrics in business. We are pleased to welcome outstanding speakers that represent a broad variety of areas of expertise. Afterwards, you are kindly invited to the recruitment drink during which the five companies of the ECD will introduce themselves and actively reach out to you. Attending the symposium and recruitment drink is the best way to maximize your ECD experience.

After the opening symposium, recruiters will show you what it is like to work at their companies through cases and presentations. You would certainly not be the first one to be offered a job or internship on the spot! In addition, we organize social events, such as lunches and a finance dinner, to boost informal recruitment. You are highly encouraged to exploit this unique opportunity to build a powerful professional network.

A special field trip to the port of Rotterdam will be organized for econometricians with an interest in operations research. All participants will be given an exclusive insight into the logistics of a major international port. Students from all years of study are kindly invited to join us on the trip to the harbour.

The committee is working hard at organizing a fantastic event for both students and recruiters. The impressive list of participating companies and institutions, the broad range of activities and the ever-growing demand for econometricians will surely enable you to connect to potential employers, find interesting internships, and meet fellow econometrics students from all over the country.

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