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Speed date with all the new committees that started in September by reading the Welcommittees! Is it a match? A swap left or right? We asked everyone to tell something (embarrassing) about themselves and to answer three questions about their fellow committee members. When they are not spending their time snapchatting or winning the committee battles, the Marketing Committee is responsible for all editing and designing of promotional material, gadgets and merchandise. Also, one of their largest projects is the annual Almanac, which will be even better than the year before. But, who are these creative masterminds?

Hi there fellow econometricians!

My name is Pieter van der Vleuten, 18 years old. I started with the International Bachelor Econometrics this year. My hobbies are sports and music. My favourite sport is running. My favourite meal is lasagne, since I wouldn’t say that donuts are a meal 😉.

The most embarrassing moment I experienced, was when I was in touch with a company for a partnership with a school project. I mailed the manager of the company several times, starting my mails with ‘dear madam’ when I found out two months later that the manager was a man. The company did sponsor us though.

Hey there! My name is Myrthe van den Reek and I am a fourth-year Bachelor Squared student. In my spare time, I like to try to live healthy. So, I box multiple times a week and I make my own granola and banana pancakes. However, I do have a secret addiction for cheese, Brie especially, and I like it too much to go for speciaal biertjes with my friends.

Another addiction is coffee and then preferably in those hipster cafes. A little less cliché: one of my biggest hobbies is watching BAD television programs with my roommates. And my absolute favorite is Temptation Island. So honestly, I look forward to the new season A LOT.

Considering embarrassing moments… I sometimes (okay make that often) speak before I think, so that makes for many awkward situations. A recent one? We went out with the MarCo for dinner for the first time. I made some comments that clearly showed I did my research. 1 + 1 = Facebook stalking… Autsj :p

Hi all,

My name is Maaike and I will be a member of the legendary MarCo coming year! I am 21 years old and last September I started the Master Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing and my third year of Dutch law. In my spare time I like to go running, to watch Heel Holland Bakt, to listen to my guilty pleasure Bløf, and to celebrate life with food and drinks at one of the hotspots in Rotterdam. 

My life is actually a concatenation of embarrassing moments, which makes it hard to choose one, but I still have a vivid memory of one night. After a night of partying with my friends I ended up at the place you can always find me after a night out: the MacDonalds at the Coolsingel. While I was enjoying my chicken nuggets, I somehow managed it to fall of my chair in a very uncharming way. Unfortunately, it was quite busy at that moment and everybody could enjoy my moment of shame and started laughing...

Coming year we will provide you with the best FAECTOR gadgets there are to make you feel the real green experience. I hope to see you all very soon during one of the coming activities and maybe share some chicken nuggets after one of the drinks!

Hey everyone,

My name is Bas and I’m a second year student in the Dutch Econometrics program. I live in a beautiful, very small, village called Mijnsheerenland, but luckily soon I’ll be living in Rotterdam. This year I am part of the best committee of FAECTOR; namely the Marketing Committee! As a member of the MarCo, I really look forward to providing you FAECTORians with nice merchandise and of course an amazing Almanac.

In my free time I really like to go out with friends, or just drink beer at someone’s home or in a pub. I also like to run or be at the gym, but I need to have enough motivation to do that. So basically I hardly do that.

The most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had… I think it was that time that I stayed up a whole night in Rotterdam. The next morning, when I was at the bus stop at Zuidplein, I accidently fell asleep and slept an hour or something until I was awoken by an angry woman that wanted to sit on that bench.

Hi guys,

My name is Sophie, I’m 22 years old and will be a proud member of the MarCo this year! I just started the pre-Master program after having completed my Bachelors in the US last May, so both Econometrics and Rotterdam are completely new to me!  My hobbies are field hockey, and scrolling through Tasty videos and although I’ve contemplated preparing nearly every recipe, I’ve yet to actually do it. Speaking of food, my favorite food is sushi, which I could eat at any given time, but especially after a fun night out haha!

 My most recent, most embarrassing story is that I had to ask one of my committee members wat ‘lachend bai’ meant….I thought it was some FAECTOR inside joke. My apologies, I’m from Amsterdam and the Rotterdam lingo hasn’t quit caught on yet but I’m working on it!!!

Hey guys!

My name is Sian (or Sjaan if you ask some people). Last year I finished the third year of BSc2, but this academic year I’m in the 52nd board of FAECTOR as the Marketing Officer. That means I’m lucky enough to be the supervisor of the awesome Marketing Committee (MarCo)! Together with this committee we’re going to make sure everyone knows about FAECTOR and we’ll make FAECTOR’s Almanac great again!

For my most awkward stories I’d suggest you read some older Welcommittees. However, a more recent one is during the holiday with the board last month. I arranged the destinations and tickets, without letting the rest know anything yet. They only knew they had to show up at 5 in the morning (after a night of partying) at Rotterdam Central station and then they would hear the destination. Only problem was that I was still deeply asleep myself at that time. In the end two fellow board members came to my house to wake me up at 6, after which we had to take a taxi to Schiphol for €150. We made it on time to the plane though, which brought us to warm and sunny Gran Canaria.

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