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Speed date with all the new committees that started in September by reading the Welcommittees! Is it a match? Do you swipe left or right? We asked everyone to tell something (embarrassing) about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. The Freshmen Committee is the second committee to take the stand! With already some events organised, such as the Freshmen Treasure Hunt and the EFI Drink & Game night together with the Eerstejaarscommissie, and much more events planned, we are eager to know who the faces are behind the committee.

Almost 19 years ago, I was born in Almelo, but it sounded as a great idea to my parents to move to Limburg, the reason why I’m talking with a ‘cozy G’. I played field hockey from the age of 7 until last summer. We played quite a high level (one below the national competition), but since I started my studies in Rotterdam, I quitted that. Nowadays, I love to clear my mind by running and going to the gym. I started the Double Bachelor econometrics/economics in September, after an amazing Eurekaweek where I also got to know the great study association FAECTOR, and after that moment, I could never stop thinking about the beautiful green colour of FAECTOR. That is also the reason why I applied to become an active member in the Freshmen Committee!

My goal with the Freshmen Committee is to make this year a lovely and great year for the first year students and give them the opportunity to get to know each other well during the most fun activities. Furthermore, my committee wants to obtain the most points in the Committee Battles.

An embarrassing story about myself.. Let’s start. One day I was going to visit a friend of mine in Utrecht and she was going to pick me up at the train station. The moment I left the train, I saw her, but she was standing with her back towards me, so I putted my hand in front of her eyes to surprise her, when she turned, it wasn’t my friend but someone I’ve never seen before. This moment was sooooo awkward.

Hi everyone! I’m Laura, 18 years old, first year BSc2 student and, most importantly, part of FAECTOR's cutest committee. In the free time that’s left, I enjoy running, playing tennis, shopping and talking – the thing you’ll find me doing most of the time.

In the upcoming year, I hope the Freshmen Committee will succeed in organizing the most creative and unforgettable events for all FAECTORians, as well as organizing the best karaoke night ever (this will not be a problem for us though).

Most embarrassing story? There are a lot to tell you about, but there is one quite recent story worth sharing. At the first day of Eurekaweek, my guide got called by a French guy, who was looking for our group. I went to look for him and immediately saw someone who, in my opinion, looked quite French and starting talking to him. Needless to say, he was not the one I was looking for and he obviously thought I was completely crazy. I felt like a complete idiot, immediately quit my search and just hoped that the French guy would find us himself (he did, don’t worry).

Hey guys,

I’m Jeroen de Groot. Most of the time I’m busy because I’m really bad at doing nothing. I really like to travel, do sports and listen to music. I currently row at Skadi but during primary and secondary school I played field hockey. I am always looking forward to the winter season because skiing is by far my favorite sport. I like to go for a drink, do a fun activity or organize it, which is why I’m happy to be a part of the Freshmen Committee.

With the Freshmen Committee this year I want to introduce some new activities. Secondly, it will be a challenge, but we are going to try making PENGUIN even more successful than last year.

As for embarrassing story’s… I won’t be easily embarrassed but in my final year of primary school I had to sing solo in front of the whole school as part of our final play.

Hey my name is Louis Lacombe. I am a former student of the International School of The Hague where I completed the International Baccalaureat. I am French and share some culture with the Spain.

This year, I wish to make the Freshmen committee great again, we will organize activities that will bring us, the freshman year as one and so that we can all have a fun year together.I hope to bring some new ideas and aid my committee into creating innovating and fun projects.

So I was part of an orchestra during high school at the Royal Conservatorium of The Hague. One day, I had just been out the day before and we had a rehearsal with the whole orchestra and I was nearly falling asleep during the entire first part of the practice. During the break I went to lay on a bench and fell asleep for about one hour. When I woke up, they had already re-started. I came back on stage without the conductor saying anything. (I think he had noticed I was tired and gave me a chance for that one time).

Hi there!

My name is Olivier Wollaert and I’m 18 years old. After living in China last year I moved to Rotterdam this September to start the BSc2 program. In my free time I love to travel, play sports or have a beer with my friends. Besides studying and being active member at FAECTOR, I am also a member of rowing association Skadi, where I try to train two times a week.

With the FC there are several things I would like to accomplish this year. First of all we’re going to make PENGUIN, the introduction weekend, an even greater success than it was last year by combining the great activities from previous years with new amazing activities. Secondly, we’re going to organise several amazing events throughout the year to make sure that all first year students will get to know each other even better than they already do.

Something embarrassing that happened to me more than once is that I was cycling behind someone, thought I recognised that person and started cycling next to them to say hi only to realise it was someone completely different…

Hi! I’m Nikki, 18-years old and originally from Limburg. I recently started studying BSc2 and I’m a proud member of the FC. Besides studying I spend my time kickboxing, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. Furthermore, as some already noticed at PENGUIN, I love karaoke and in the winter I enjoy skiing.

For this year, I hope that we will organise some of the best events, that we’ll make it a fabulous year and win the Committee Battle!

My most embarrassing moment was denied by me for such a long time that I don’t even remember what it was. But since my life exists of a lot embarrassing moments, I do remember this one. A few years back when I was in Greece with my high school, I was hanging out with some friends at our room. Everybody was sitting outside on the balcony while I was waiting on a friend that was in the bathroom. For some reason I was sitting cross legged on the edge of my bed. My suitcase was half open in between the wall and the bed. And suddenly, still don’t know how, I fell backwards and got stuck in my suitcase, I couldn’t get out. I’ve been sitting there for like 5 minutes before one of my friends came in, started laughing of course, and helped me out.

Hello everybody, I’m Luca Zampierin and i come from a city in the north of Italy called Bassano del Grappa, not far away from Venice, in which I was born and raised until I moved here. I’m 20 years old and I’m enrolled for the double degree in econometrics and economics. As you might have already understood I’m older then the average age of the first-years students and this is because I have already done one year of university in Italy. However, after this one year I chose to move here at the Erasmus University for several reasons, but mainly 2 of them really motivated me to take this big step: econometrics in general (something we don’t really have in Italy) and the international environment. Since I chose econometrics you already know that I really like mathematics and in general the mathematical field, but besides that I also have many other hobbies: I love football and in general sports, both doing and watching them, and I love to train quite constantly at the gym, I’m really into tv series and film (in particular the former) and I love to spend time with friends. I chose to become part of the active member group because I know I can meet a lot of new friends. In particular I joined the Freshmen Committee because I wanted to be part of the organization of those event that help people to get to know each other and to create new relationships, because those events helped directly me when I came here. In this year I would like to achieve 2 main results: first of all I would like to create a tight relationship with the whole committee and secondly, since I saw that during the lecture hours there is quite a strong separation between internationals and dutchies, I would like to be able to help these 2 categories to be more connected and related to each other.

One of the most embarrassing things that I’ve ever experienced happened the day of my 18th birthday: the evening before my actual birthday my friends decided to take me out to drink and to party together and the party went on until 5 or something in the morning and then I went back home and so far so good; however, the following morning my parents woke me up at 8 because they had organized this day out with the whole family to celebrate my birthday, but when I woke up I was still quite drunk from the night before so that morning is remembered in my family as the morning full of stupid things and comments done by me, which was (and still is when we talk about that) really embarrassing.

Hey there

My name is Veronika and for the second time I am proud to be a member of the cutest committee at FAECTOR, this year as a chairwoman. Some of my goals inside of the committee are building a strong community, hopefully a family, among the members, winning the beer pong tournament against EC (to organise the most amazing beer pong event for the FACROR members) and of course being the first in the Committee Battles:)

In general I am a person who loves exploring new things and gets excited about something very quickly. In my free time I enjoy doing some sports like going for a run or joining a good group workout, dancing, reading or just spending time outside with my friends. One of my favourites is also ice fishing (don’t wonder, I am Russian), but unfortunately this is something you can hardly do in the Netherlands;).

Last but not least I will share with you about my most embarrassing moment. The decision about whether I want to tell is wasn’t easy, but here it is. After living in Rotterdam for year I was convinced I knew what the capital of the Netherlands was, until I recently mentioned it in a conversation with my Dutch friend and figured out it wasn’t The Hague…

Hi everyone! My name is Jitte and I am the Educational Officer of FAECTOR this year. This means that I am also the supervisor of two amazing committees: the Freshmen Committee and the FAECTOR Research Project Committee. I’m 21 years old and grew up in Dordrecht, which is next to Rotterdam. You might think that it was an easy decision for me to study Econometrics in Rotterdam, but that was not the case. Of course I already visited Rotterdam a couple of times when I was still living in Dordrecht, but I only went there to do some shopping. I didn’t really like Rotterdam from what I had seen so far. However when I went to an Open Day of the Erasmus University, I felt at home immediately. When I found my own place in Rotterdam, I started seeing Rotterdam its beauty and started loving the city. I also started loving the cutest committee of FAECTOR: the Freshmen Committee. With this committee, I hope we can make the gap between Dutchies and Internationals narrower. Furthermore, we will do as much as we can to make FAECTOR members enjoy their time here in Rotterdam by organising some great activities.

One of my most embarrassing moments already happened during my first week as a resident of Rotterdam. I lost my key after a good night out, but since I had only lived in Rotterdam for a few days I also forgot my house number. I looked at all the numbers and I eventually thought I found the right one. I rang the bell, but nobody opened the door. When I started ringing the bell for 5 minutes straight a guy finally opened the door. I thought he was one of my housemates, as I had not seen all of my housemates yet. So I introduced myself and wanted to enter the house, but then he stopped me and asked me again who I was. I realized that this was probably not the right house number. Luckily, this guy knew some of my housemates and told me where I had to go such that I could go home. One of my housemates just got back from a party so he could open the door for me and I could finally go to my own bed after this embarrassing night.

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