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Speed date with all the new committees that started in September by reading the Welcommittees! Is it a match? Do you swipe left or right? We asked everyone to tell something (embarrassing) about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. Next up is the Eerstejaarscommissie! These first year students are going to organise social events that create memories lasting for a lifetime. They also organise the introduction camp for new students: PINKWIN.

My name is Lieke and I’m the proud chairwoman of the EC this year. Currently, I live in Rotterdam, but in the weekend, you can find me in the beautiful city Bodegraven with my lovely friends. Besides hanging out with my friends, I’m a big fan of playing volleyball and doing other sports.

After organising the pool tournament, we are already busy with planning our next activity. Still a secret what it will be, but we hope to see you all!

Embarrassing moments? Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. If you really want to know, just ask me some time and maybe I share one of them with you.

Hello, my name is Anniek and I’m part of the EC this year. I currently live in Rotterdam but during the weekends I still go to my parents in the lovely village called Groet, unknown to most people. Unfortunately, I’m not able to go there every weekend because I also started rowing at Skadi this year.

However, I might have got a solution for that, my lookalike, identical twin sister, who can be my stand-in. I’m really looking forward to the coming year and excited to organize some great events and PINKWIN.

There are a couple of embarrassing stories about me and I’m willing to tell you one of them. One time when I was riding my bike to school, I thought it would be fun to ride it wrong handed, so my left hand on the right side of my handlebar and my right hand on the left side of my handlebar. Conclusion, this is not possible.

Hiii, I’m Sanne and a member of the EC this year! I still live in Leiden but I’m planning on moving to Rotterdam somewhere this year. I love nice food, hanging out with friends and playing field hockey. This year I’m really excited to organise more great events for all the students.

There are a lot of embarrassing stories I could possibly tell, but one of them took place in the beginning of the year when I was in a bit of a hurry. I came out of the elevator and wanted to go outside but didn’t notice that the door was closed, so I walked straight into a window (with quite some speed) and afterwards I had to act like nothing happened to all the people staring, while they were trying not to laugh.

Hey, I’m Colin, 18 years old and part of the EC this year. I have an apartment in the south of Rotterdam, where I live with my best mate from high school and one other guy we just met two months ago. I was born and raised in Goes, the place to be in Zeeland, maybe The Netherlands. I like to play football (some of you call it ‘soccer’) and to drink beer with my friends.

Last year, I was partying in club El Toro in Goes. My friends and I went to this club on a Thursday. It was happy hour the moment we entered so everyone ordered drinks (a lot!). We stayed way too long and drank also way too much. So afterwards, we decided to eat some pizza or Turkish pizza or Doner etc. After, like ten minutes, I just forgot what I ordered. I was even questioning myself if I ordered something. Then I just left the place (why didn’t my friends stop me?), walked straight home (where was my bike?), puked somewhere on the way home and woke up with one of the worst hangovers I ever had. In the end there was one lucky guy, who ate my pizza.

Hey there! My name is Ivo and I am a happy member of the EC this year. I live in the beautiful city Schoonhoven, a 30 minutes drive to Rotterdam. I still live there with my parents and my little brother. I love to hang out with my friends and really like going to the gym.

Two years ago, I had a birthday party, but we had to cycle 7 km for it. Of course, I drank a little too much. It was a nice party, but the way back wasn’t a great success at all. 2 km from home I fell off my bike, I went head first on the ground and I passed out for a couple of minutes. My face was a total mess, I broke 3 teeth and my upper lip was like 3 times Sa big as it should be. So, face looked like a total mess, which is already embarrassing itself. But the most embarrassing was yet to come, because I had my driving exam 2 days later and I had to explain what happened. I skipped the drunk part. Maybe it helped because I did pass my exam ;p

Hi everyone! My name is Nana and this year I am a member of the EC. I live in Rotterdam, but I am originally from the most beautiful southern city of Holland: Maastricht. A city you should all definitely visit some time! In my spare time I love going out for dinner. I have already tried lots of restaurants in Rotterdam, so if you need any recommendations, feel free to ask ;).

When I still lived in Maastricht, I used to take dance classes every week. I have danced for 13 years and I still love doing it. When I go out and have a few drinks, I love dancing even more. Doing silly dances is especially what I love (like the ‘truck driver’ and ‘shopping chart’). One time though, I was dancing very enthusiastic and waving my arms around me, until I suddenly hit something. When I looked around, it turned out that it was just a random guy trying to pass by, who I had hit in the face.. Quite embarrassing, so know I try to dance a bit more careful.

Hi everybody! My name is Samira and I am a member of the EC. Since a month I moved from Lisse to Rotterdam. So, from a small-town girl to a big city girl. I love to go to the gym, to go out with my friends and of course I love to eat, especially chocolate and sushi.

I have many embarrassing moments, but my best one still has to come. My most embarrassing moment for now is from a week ago... I had a date with a boy, but was so nervous that I drank two bottles of wine by myself. When the guy arrived, he saw immediately that I was (a bit) drunk… So, he wanted to bring me home to Lisse. I was so drunk that I couldn’t find my phone. So, I got in his car without my phone, I-pad, laptop and actually I only brought my make-up with me. During the time on the road he had to stop multiple times and one stop didn’t go so well… Yes, there was my wine, on the street. But after throwing up I was a bit hungry, so we went to the McDonalds and I ruined his car by spilling my Mcflurry on his chairs etc. Also, the ‘frietjes’ where all on the floor of the car. Finally, he dropped me of at home and I had the best sleep ever. The next morning, I didn’t even dare to text the guy, but how could I?? I forgot my phone. So, I was disabled for a whole weekend. What did I learn? ALWAYS keep your phone with you otherwise you have the worst weekend ever.

Hi! My name is Maurits and I’m the Secretary & IT Officer of the 52 nd board. I’m very happy to say that I’m also the supervisor of the Eerstejaarscommissie this year. The first activity already was a blast and there’s much more to come! I live in Heerenhuisch de Snjor together with 2 amazing roomies and Jeroen van Dijk. It’s a beautiful “mansion” where we often (try to) hang out together. Even though I’m not the next Mozart, I do like to play the piano in my spare time.

I have plenty of embarrassing moments to tell you, but one of them that stands out was during high school. We were on our lunch break and it was very cold outside. At the water next to school, there was a thin layer of ice on which you probably couldn’t stand on. I tried to put one foot on the ice carefully, but I slipped and fell right through. When I got out of the water, a big part of the school saw me standing there in my soaking wet clothes. I think it’s safe to say that nowadays I’m a bit more careful around ice :)

Hi, I’m David, one of the few most fortunate active members of the EC this academic year. Past August, I moved out of my parents’ house in Amersfoort and started living in Rotterdam during the week. Rotterdam now not only is home to my study and university, but also to all two of my widely-varied daily activities: eating and exercising, the latter one of which is taking up my early morning hours every day – and eating’s taking up the whole day, of course.

Embarrassing story-time: supermarket. Being a little kid and seeing all the good food, I always did everything I could to trick my dad into buying groceries that were on my own personal shopping list – not on his. So, one time I presented a well thought-out, 3-minute long speech on why I had to have that specific, super delicious peanut butter (but it’s extra crunchy!) to my dad… I thought! “That’s a wonderful story, kid, but I’m not buying you anything at all,” was the reply the strange man next to me gave me before sending me back to my dad. The shame!

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