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Speed date with all the new committees that started in September by reading the Welcommittees! Is it a match? Do you swipe left or right? We asked everyone to tell something (embarrassing) about themselves and to answer three questions about their committee members. This time we learn about the members of the Business Trip Committee! Who are the people behind the awesome Business Trip to Seoul that is coming up?

Hi! I’m Marieke, 22 years old and a premaster student who just moved from Amsterdam (big chaaange). Last year I studied in Rome and spent all my time eating pizza, gelato and pasta. It’s my first year as an active member, but I’m very excited.

Out of all the embarrassing things that happened to me (which are a lot), one of the worst was cycling into a bus stand because I wanted to see how far I could cycle with my eyes closed.

My weirdest talent (this was a tough choice) is singing off key. I’m so good at it that my roommates made a rule that prohibits anyone from singing in the morning. So, I definitely excel at that!

This year, our main goal is to organize a fun yet interesting (company and culture wise) trip!!!

Hi there! I'm Christiaan van den Berg, a 20-year-old third-year BSc2-student and treasurer of this year's Business Trip Committee! Having spent my first two years as a member and later also chairman of the Freshmen Committee, this is my third year as an active member of FAECTOR. Besides FAECTOR and my university studies, I like to play field hockey and tennis, practice ballroom dance, read, study languages and travel.

I always like to take care of my stuff such that I do not easily get involved in embarrassing situations. However, I sometimes am the only one not to understand a joke (or only way too late), which leads to an awkward moment of misunderstanding.

Out of the many special talents I possess it is hard to select one in particular, but I guess knowing (nearly) all ABBA-songs by heart will come in handy at one of the next karaoke nights.

The Business Trip Committee has one clear goal: to organise an unforgettable city trip to a fascinating destination, including visits to many interesting companies, institutions, cultural activities and typical holiday fun stuff! Without revealing too much, I can already say that we have made some great progress so far and are very much looking forward to the trip already!

See you around!

Hey! My name is Charlotte, I’m 21 years old and I was raised in the best part of the Netherlands: Brabant!  Currently, I’m in my third year of BSc2 and I am very proud to be the chairman of the awesome Business Trip Committee this year! 😊 Besides planning this amazing trip, I love to travel, play squash, hang out with friends and of course, shop for more very necessary shoes and clothes!

About six years ago, I almost lost two fingers because I thought I was strong enough to save a concrete pole of over 150 kilos from falling on the ground. It was at a big party, in front of a lot of people, so of course you try to save the pole?!?! Fortunately, I still have my fingers and only needed surgery, 30 stitches and a night in the hospital…

Of all my secret talents, I can’t think of a weird one…!

This year, our goal is to organise an unforgettable trip to an amazing city somewhere on this planet. Together with my committee we will plan many business visits, cultural experiences and many highlights in a new city. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!

I am Dennis and I am currently doing the premaster program. I have been studying in Wageningen for the past few years, so if you want to know anything about potatoes, tractors or what it is like to study in a farm village, feel free to contact me!

The most embarrassing thing I experienced was probably during my time in Tilburg, where I participated in the first 10K run of Tilburg. It was one of the first summer-like days in mid-May. Although I should have taken the warm weather into account as faector, I was stubborn enough to keep my pace. As a result, I overstrained and in the end, I had to stop just 250 meters before the finish.

My weird talent is the random creation of broadminded quotes.

Our committee will pursue to create the most amazing business trip FAECTOR has ever seen. All save the date in your agendas: from 27th of April until the 6th of May and join us on a marvellous trip!

Hello dear Estimator readers!

This year I will be the supervisor of the Business Trip Committee. However, I will first quickly introduce myself. I am Anke, 21 years old, and originally from Maastricht (in the sunny south of the Netherlands). I just finished my Bachelor last Summer and am currently FAECTOR’s Career Officer. In my spare time, I like to cook (more than just pasta Bolognese), read (mostly easy to read romantic books in which everything will always turn out right), travel (especially to the South of Europe, where the weather is warm and life is easy), drink Gin Tonics (because favourite) and dance on the tables in the Skihut.

To be honest I am having quite a hard time to think of an embarrassing moment, as there were so many of them already in my life. However, I can remember one time when I was very young and shopping at IKEA with my family. I insisted on staying at the playing ground in the store, while they took off and looked for other furniture. Apparently, I was not happy with my decision, as I started crying 5 minutes after they left and one of the store employees had to make sure they came back to pick me up right away.

One of my special talents is that I know pretty much all songs from the first three One Direction albums by heart.

With this committee, I obviously want to achieve that we organise an amazing, adventurous, fun and informative Business Trip to wherever we may go ;)

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