Ski Trip 2018: Sauze d'Oulx

After the one whole day of snow we had here in the Netherlands, none of us were satisfied, so a bunch of FAECTORians joined on the ski trip last weekend to Sauze d’Oulx, Italy, organized by our very own Sport Committee!

Thursday afternoon we all crammed in the bus with our backpacks full of snacks to survive the bus trip. Some of us managed to catch some sleep, while others stayed up all night, but every single one of us was ready to hit the slopes the next morning.

After a whole day of skiing (or attempting to), we were ready for the mafia themed dinner. A couple jars of gel were needed for some guys to feel slick enough, but we all enjoyed magnificent service and some great food. After dinner, it was time for the pubcrawl. We stopped by a number of great bars, but the highlight of the whole evening had to be the karaoke bar, where we most likely drove every other visitor crazy with our non-stop requests for Dutch songs (although it looked like they were touched when we sang het Rotterdamlied in unison). Most of us ended up at the only club in the village, which played pretty terrible music, but that didn’t ruin our mood and after dancing the night away, we all eventually ended up in our beds (made or unmade).

The next day was filled with way more snow and luckily also way less wind than the first day and it was a lot of fun! Everyone was free to do as they pleased in the evening, but, how could we not, we ended up in the same club again. They did bring back Psy’s Gangnam Style in a very remixed version, though.

Finally, the last day was already there and everyone had to pack their bags in the morning. Most of us headed for a last day of skiing or snowboarding, but a few of us decided they’d seen enough snow and headed for the spa. That ended up being a pretty good idea, since the rest of us were all nice and sweaty at the end of the day when we got back in the bus.

Saying our goodbyes to Sauze d’Oulx was hard, but it was an amazing ski trip organized by the Sport Committee! It was even worth having to go to our 9AM lectures with ski’s and all on Monday, and we’d do it all over again next year.

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Written by:
  • Amber Stoll
| Published on: Jan 27, 2018