Welcommittees! - Econometric Career Days Committee 2018

It is that time again, Welcommittees are back! The old but gold tradition that gets you to know the new committees that started this February a little better. First in line is the Econometric Career Days Committee! This committee is responsible for organising the ECD, where econometrics students come in contact with companies and enhance their skills. This is an important job, and we therefore proudly present you: the Econometric Career Days Committee!

Frederique Ram

"I hear you're good at algebra.....Will you replace my eX without asking Y?" 

Hi everyone! I am Frederique, 20 years old and currently finishing my Bachelor. I am very happy to be this year’s chairwoman of the ECD committee. I have a huge passion for food: I love cooking, baking and exploring new restaurants or hipster coffee places. Besides that, I love dancing, skiing and travelling.

I once fell down the stairs in front of the Polak Building. It was in between two lectures so plenty of people were watching, it was pretty embarrassing! ☹️

 Veronika Soloveva

“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.”

Hey everyone! My name is Veronika, I come from Russia and, because I love exploring new cultures, I ended up studying here, in Rotterdam. In my free time I like to relax by doing yoga, dance salsa or do some sports. Besides that I really enjoy interesting conversations, especially if they come in combination with tasty food! 😉

One of my most recent embarrassing moments was ‘losing’ my keys at the gala this year. Calling people, walking crying through Rotterdam, being completely certain  I’d have to sleep outside.. and all this just to find out that the keys were lying safely in my room all that time.

Carolijn de Kok

“I wish I was your calculus homework, because then I'd be hard and you'd be doing me on my desk.”

Hi! I am Carolijn, a third year student enjoying the student life in Rotterdam. I like to be with my lovely clubmates from Laurentius, do sports at uni such as squash or just have a nice dinner and chill with my roommates. And, last but not least, be at the amazing events that are organised by the IntAct of course!   

I once missed the FAECTOR bus because I had fallen asleep on the toilet in Antwerp, which was very embarrassing.

Rosa ten Kate

"You must be the square root of 2, because I feel irrational around you."

Hi guys! My name is Rosa, I’m 21 years old and I’m in my third year now. After having spent my last two years as a member and later on as chairwoman of the Eerstejaarscommissie, I’m glad I can continue being an Active Member this year. This time, as the Secretary & Treasurer of the Econometric Career Days Committee! Besides the ECD and my studies, I like to travel, cook and go out for dinner/drinks with my friends. I spend most of my time in Rotterdam, but on the weekends you can usually find me in the always exciting city of Maassluis (no I am NOT a Westlander).

To be honest I cannot really come up with one specific embarrassing moment, but it’s safe to say that after a night of drinking I will most likely have done something embarrassing. Usually it involves a couple of rounds of rage cage.

Anna Dekker

“Is het de of het magazijn? Je mag er zijn!”

Hi all! I am Anna, 22 years old, and currently in my first year of the QF master after having completed my pre-master last year. I have recently moved back from Amsterdam to my hometown Rotterdam, and it feels good to be back as there are a lot of new places/restaurants/bars to discover! In my spare time, I love travelling, cooking (especially baking cakes), watching films, and follow (a bit too many) Instagram accounts.  I am looking forward to help organizing the ECD this year, as I think it is a great event to meet interesting companies/people and fellow econometricians, and to find out what you would like to pursue after your studies. 

After a party in the summer, I really craved for some sleep but unfortunately, an irritating mosquito was longing for some fresh blood. I was so frustrated that when I had the impression that it landed on my head, I slapped myself in the face to kill it. Unfortunately, this was so hard that I ended with a blue eye, and people wondering what had happened.

Anke Clerx

“Good. You?” 

I am Anke, 21 years old and originally from Maastricht (in the sunny south of the Netherlands). I just finished my Bachelor last summer and am currently FAECTOR’s Career Officer. In my spare time I like to cook (more than just pasta bolognese), read (mostly easy to read romantic books in which everything will always turn out right), travel (especially to the South of Europe, where the weather is warm and life is easy), drink Gin Tonics (because favourite) and dance on the tables in the Skihut. 

To be honest I am having quite a hard time to think of an embarrassing moment, as there were so many of them already in my life. However, I sometimes still think about the first inhouse day I organised as Career Officer. It was my first event ever in my board year and I somehow managed to arrive 15 minutes late with the entire group at the company where we were supposed to be… Thankfully it wasn’t a problem at all, but it was slightly embarrassing. 

Where will the ECD committee members be in 10 years?

This or that?

We gave the committee members a few dilemma's and this is what they chose:

Carolijn: Dinner comes with wine. No words needed.

Frederique: Waking up at 6AM is better than having to leave before the party even started!

Veronika: Pajamas are cozy, and a workout in pajamas is no problem!

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