Active Members Weekend 2018!

They say it is the most wonderful time of the year – and no, I am not talking about Christmas. In the weekend of 9 March, the aspiring famous Active Members Weekend took place. After a true expedition of at least three hours, FAECTOR’s beloved Active Members arrived in the picturesque town of Dwingeloo. The town is an actual explosion of culture, with lots of grass, grass.. and more grass. (Oh and an enjoyable ‘Bos Café’ according to a few adventurous FAECTORians.) 

The weekend started of with a gigantic beer pong tournament. Not only did everyone have a lot of fun, we also found out that the Active Members are very fanatic and love a nice competition. After beer pong the real party could get started and everybody enjoyed the night with music, good company and a beer here and there.

On Saturday, after a short night of sleep, the IntAct had prepared a wonderful afternoon filled with the ‘Olympilsche Spelen’. The field next to the house was the perfect location for fun games of dodgeball and beer cycling, yet again proving the high level of competitiveness of our Active Members. 

In the evening, the Eerstejaarscommissie cooked a delicious meal of nasi. After dinner, we all went upstairs to get into our outfits, which were to be centered around a word starting with the F. We gathered in the main hall wearing crazy costumes, but still unknowing what we were going to do. Sanne (member IntAct): “We kept this activity a secret, which made it a great surprise!” And a great surprise it was: the very first Active Members beer cantus! We sang songs, jumped around and of course drank the liquid gold that is so appreciated by everyone. After the amazing beer cantus, we continued the party with a lot of music, and danced the night away.

The next morning it was a silent morning. Many enjoyed a well-deserved sleep-in. In the afternoon, when everyone was well awake, the IntAct had planned another enjoyable activity. This time it was a pubquiz, partly based on the answers given by the Active Members in a survey. While testing our knowledge, we had time to relax and recover a bit from the night before. This evening it was the Freshmen Committee’s turn to prepare us a nice pasta. We again had a delicious dinner. With their stomachs full, many of the Active Members left Dwingeloo to return to the beautiful Rotterdam. Only a few strong survivors stayed until Monday and enjoyed themselves into the early hours of the day.

Taking it all together, we had an incredible time! Special thank you to the IntAct committee for all of the input to organise this outstanding weekend. Everyone has really enjoyed themselves to the full extent. Daan (chairman of IntAct) said: “It was an amazing weekend, where we as Active Members got to know each other even better. We had a lot of fun!”

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Written by:
  • Anique Van Schijndel
| Published on: Mar 23, 2018