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Get ready for your daily dosis of cute baby pictures and extremely awkward stories, because we are back with another Welcommittee! We asked our burning questions to the brand new Consultancy Committee. This committee organises the FAECTOR Consultancy Project, in which students will find out what being a consultant is really like. Sounds interesting, right? Therefore, we are honoured to present to you: The Consultancy Committee! 

Livia Kempkens

"Als jij een visje was, was je echt een lekkerbekje."

Ollaaa, my name is Livia, I'm 20 years old and I'm in my third year of the Double Bachelor! Next to spending my days in the library, I spend a lot of my time drinking coffee in H10. I’m a proud member of the new CoCo and I enjoy it a lot! Next to this, I love to do sports. I'm a member of Euroturn and Skadi, where I spend most of my free time.

One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to me, was probably during the second FAECTOR ski trip. When we just entered the lift, I was asked the question what 'orange juice' was in French. At the end of the lift I still didn't know, which really entertained the others... (It's jus d'orange)

Duco Mülder

"Is this the end of the rainbow? Because you are a treasure."

My name is Duco Mülder, 3rd year Bachelor Squared student and chairman of the Consultancy Committee 2018. Livia, Fabrice, Tobias and I are setting up a new FAECTOR project in which students become econometric consultants to sports and nonprofit organisations. Next to that, I am a proud local VVD politician in Zoetermeer, coffee and espresso martini addict and I secretly love Amsterdam.

In my enthusiasm for the Consultancy Project at FAECTOR’s ALV, I managed to break a pile of glasses during my speech. "Shards bring luck".

Fabrice van Roozendaal

"Are you a beaver? Because dam… "

Hi, my name is Fabrice van Roozendaal, I am a Dutch (yes, I am Dutch) third year BSc2 student, and I am currently in the Consultancy Committee together with Livia, Duco, and Tobias. I grew up in Belgium and came to the Netherlands to study here and enjoy the student life. Besides having great fun with FAECTOR and wasting time in the UB watching Instagram videos, I like to cook, complain about others cooking, play piano, go out, play sports like sailing, tennis, field hockey, and much more.

During the ECD, after a fair amount of wine, I had to handout a gift to a company, and the wine spoke more than I spoke myself and I may have said some embarrassing things… I will be hearing this story for the rest of my life. At least the gift was amazing!

Tobias Hoogteijling

“Hey, do you wanna count shoulders?” Then you start with your shoulder the furthest from your victim (“1”), then you count your other shoulder (“2”), then the shoulder of your victim that is the closest to you  (“3”) and then finally you put your arm around him or her and count the fourth shoulder (“4”).

My name is Tobias Hoogteijling and this year I am the Treasurer of the 52nd board of FAECTOR. This year, I have been trying to prove that treasurers occasionally can also be a little bit social, by being part of the Sport Committee, the Activities Committee, the Event Committee and of course the most beautiful of all, the brand new Consultancy Committee. The Consultancy Committee is in charge of the FAECTOR Consultancy Project, in which students help charity organisations and small companies to get insight in their data and solve problems they face. In my free time, I like to sport: I do korfball, running and weight training.

I already told my most embarrassing moment in my EventCommittee introduction, so I will share my most amazing one, which was the board holiday to Gran Canaria. We had a great time in the warm sun and it was a great bonding moment for us as board!

You better start saving for some plane tickets, because this is where each one of them will be in 10 years:

This or that?

We're sad that most of them are leaving the country, so we just had to ask the following questions now that they're still here:

Duco: We already have great partners, so I prefer winning the beerpong tournament.

Fabrice: Eat vaseline??? No thank you.

Livia: I would prefer to declare my love to every cashier I go to, as I think spreading love is better than complaining.

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