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FAECTOR engages: how econometrics students help society 

FAECTOR has started to help non-profit and sport organisations with their data analysis. The study association is committed to help society, using the technical skills of the students. Currently, FAECTOR has started to do data analytics projects at football club Excelsior and the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate. A new project at KNGF Geleidehonden is about to start.

Thomas Michelotti, president of FAECTOR, is proud of the projects: “I am happy to see that FAECTOR can do something for our society. As a student, you receive many benefits from society in all kind of forms. It is great to do something valuable in return! The project offers important organisations the opportunity to improve their campaigns for a good cause. Additionally, it gives students the opportunity to improve their skills as a consultant, which is something you do not learn within the regular econometrics programme!”

FAECTOR performs the data analyses within the FAECTOR Consultancy Project. Since January this year, a new committee has been formed, devoted to linking students to organisations. The participating students also receive trainings in soft skills in order to further improve the quality of the results.

Thomas van der Schaft and Bart van Rossum are the leaders of the project team of Excelsior and the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate respectively. Both students are excited about the projects!

Thomas: “Excelsior plays an important cohesive role in the neighbourhood of Kralingen. They do this not only by offering a fun night out for football fans, but also by dedicating themselves to the sport participation and health of the Rotterdam youth. Unfortunately, Excelsior’s budget for the activities that go along with this is limited due to a lack of people attending their matches. With our knowledge of data analysis and marketing, we try to help them to fill the stadium and realise the full potential of the club!”

The project at the Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate is somewhat different. Bart: “The inspectorate is not able to physically visit every health care provider in The Netherlands every year. We are performing a data analysis on patients’ reviews in order to improve their risk analysis! By looking at the actual ratings as well as the sentiment expressed in the reviews, the Inspectorate is able to target its visits to the riskier healthcare providers. In that way, we help the inspectorate to improve the quality of health care in the Netherlands!” 

A new project is about to start! A team of students will help KNGF Geleidehonden (The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation) by improving their campaigns. In order to be able to train more guide dogs for blind people and people with other handicaps, FAECTOR will perform a data analysis in order to increase the amount of donors of KNGF. Students who want to help KNGF can still apply for this project! More information click here.

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Written by:
  • Duco Mülder
| Published on: Apr 12, 2018