Housing in Rotterdam

Housing in Rotterdam

Many of us may know that there is a significant shortage of student rooms in Rotterdam. Last summer there were 4,800 students for whom there was no room in our city, which is really problematic for many students. This is in combination with the fact that houses in Rotterdam are becoming more and more expensive, creates a huge problem for our city at the moment. As luck would have it, the Estimator has some tips and tricks for you to find a room easily (or a better room).

  1. Surf the internet: there are many websites that are bringing supply and demand of student rooms together. Some of these websites do ask a small amount of money to apply for a room, but it nevertheless is one of the easiest ways to get a room. Here is a short list of useful websites:
  • ‘Kamernet.nl’
  • ‘Stadswonenrotterdam.nl’
  • ‘Kamer.nl’
  • ‘Kamers.nl’
  • RoomPlaza.com
  1. Look at Facebook groups that offer rooms: Different groups on Facebook are specifically used for offering rooms on which you can respond. Examples of these Facebook groups are:
  • ‘Zoekt kamer in Rotterdam community’
  • ‘Kamer in Rotterdam’
  • ‘Find a roommate or house in Rotterdam’
  • ‘Rotterdam | Apartment, room, House’
  1. Use your network: ask your student mates, acquaintances, family or friends if they know a room that is free. You can also write a message on Facebook or use other social media. This also often means that you stand a better chance to get the room compared to other people.
  2. Hire an apartment with other students: in Rotterdam there are many, many apartments. Most of them are appropriate for two or three students. So, if there are more people in your area who need a room, then consider to move to an apartment with each other.
  3. Hire temporarily: there are many students who have a room and go abroad for some months. During this time they often let someone else rent their room. You can rent this room for a while and use this time to find something for a longer period.
  4. Write an original message: when you respond to an ad for a room then give your potential roommates the necessary information, but also tell them about your hobbies, personality and activities. This will definitely result in a better chance to get an invitation.
  5. Respond quickly: it does sometimes happen that the people offering a room get so many reactions that they just take the advertisement offline. This means that you have missed your chance, so always check facebook on a daily basis!

With these tips in mind it must become much easier for you to get a room (if you don’t have got one yet). Hope it helps.

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Written by:
  • Aron van Woerkom
| Published on: Apr 25, 2018