Mastering the Masters: Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing

For some students, it is only the first year that is graduallycoming to its end. However, others are nearly done with their bachelors and are on the verge of choosing a master. Either way, it is never harmful to be informed on the four different econometrics masters that are available at Erasmus University. Therefore, the series Mastering the Masters will allow you to gain some knowledge on the masters and hear from master students why they like theirs so much!

First one is line is the master Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing. The program takes one year and teaches the students to make decisions in the business world based on a great amount of data that goes around in businesses and corporations. You will learn research techniques that will enable you to contribute to new developments in the field.When graduated, you are valuable as a business analyst to many big companies such as KPN, or Unilever.

The programme is made up of seven core courses (each 4 ECTS), a seminar (12 ECTS) and the Master's thesis (20 ECTS, including the Master's thesis proposal). Each core course focuses on a particular technique or methodology. In the seminar, students form small groups and focus their complete attention to solve an actual business case in eight weeks time. The seminar is usually organised in cooperation with a company. (Source: )

Jeroen van Dijk, member of the 51st board of FAECTOR, chose the Marketing master: “I simply chose this master as it was most in line with my interests. I am not a great fan of diehard programming, which is the main focus of the Logisticmaster, and I do not find the Finance world too appealing; I do like the characteristics of the Marketing master, on the otherhand. I find this master the most diverse and broad: when I am finished I can go in multiple directions. Besides, I feel like the material is more tangible than with the other masters, I know really well what I am dealing with. And last but not least, I can combine my hobbies with my studies in some subjects. For example, I used data from the game FIFA 18 for multiple papers!”

“The thing that I like the most about this master is that you end many subjects with a paper instead of an exam. You are allowed to use your own data, which gives a lot of freedom. You can design it exactly to your own interests!” When Jeroen started the master, he obviously had certain expectations. “Many of them were right, however I did not expect to be programming this much. It is not really my favourite activity.”

Finally, we asked him for advice concerning choosing a master. “You should definitely go your own way, and follow your interests; do not let other people’s opinion determine your choice. Of course you can go in many directions with every master, but in the end you do want to enjoy your subjects. You will obviously bump into things that are less pleasant or more difficult, but this is something that you are already used to!”

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  • Anique Van Schijndel
| Published on: May 11, 2018