Help the International Freshmen: Become an iBuddy! 

Studying abroad, something that many people aspire to do sometime during their studies. Experiencing different cultures, meeting new possible friends for life, and possibly trying things outside your comfort zone. Studying abroad however, does also (quite obviously) come with living in a foreign country, which usually is thousands of miles away from home and brings along a culture sometimes entirely different from your own and where the norms and values seem to be rewritten completely. Hence, this might be a difficult step to take. Especially when you have to combine it with your new education: Econometrics. You could say it truly is a brave step to take. 

At Erasmus University, there are many international students. It is the diversity of cultures and nationalities that makes the university so unique! However, it is understandable that when the students come to Rotterdam at the start, they might experience a culture shock and may not know what to do. FAECTOR offers the solution: apply to get an iBuddy! 

An iBuddy is a senior student who helps an international who is new to the university AND Rotterdam with adopting to his/ her new surroundings. As an iBuddy you have already got to know the Dutch culture and can therefore answer practical questions such as where the nearest supermarket is, or anything considering insurance. But you can also help the student with the highlights of Rotterdam, or what the best club is to party on a specific day.You will already be in contact with your international student before he or she is arriving in the Netherlands, which enables you to properly prepare for their arrival! 

If you want to become an iBuddy, there are only a few requirements that you should meet. First of all, you should study Econometrics/Econometrie/BSc2 this academic year and also next year. Secondly, you should be able to speak English well. But most importantly, you must like being an iBuddy, meaning you are social and love to help others. If you find yourself suited, it is definitely worth applying!

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Written by:
  • Anique Van Schijndel
| Published on: May 23, 2018