Beerpong Tournament

On Wednesday the 6th of June, the annual Beerpong Tournament took place. 32 teams competed for eternal fame and, of course, the famous Lam-cup!

Did you know that after water and tea, beer is the third-most popular drink in the world?

The tournament was structured as follows: First, everyone was assigned to a poule with three other teams. After all the games within the poule were played, the two top performing teams of each poule would go through to the knockout phase.

After the 1/8 finales, 1/4 finales and 1/2 finales, two teams were left: Meisjes E5, consisting of Martijn van Erp and Martijn Korf, and Pineapple does NOT go on Pizza, consisting of Gerben van der Schaaf and Thomas Michelotti. After a tense and exciting finale, the Pineapple does NOT go on Pizza won and took home the Lam-cup, named after one of the board members of a couple of years ago.

Did you know that several streets in London were flooded after an enormous vat, containing 1,500,000 liters of beer, bursted in the parish of St. Giles?

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Written by:
  • Rick Kessels
| Published on: Jun 12, 2018