Freshmen: Here Is How to Have a Fresh Start!

It is that time again, the start of another academic year. Many of us will get back to our usual routines of lectures and leisure. However, there are also some who still have to figure everything out: our new freshmen. Just when they got comfortable being the oldest in high school, they have to start all over again here at uni. But don’t worry: you will be totally fine. Estimator wants to welcome all of our freshmen at the Erasmus University. To do this, we have arranged a list of things that will help you survive that first year of uni! (Be aware: some should be taken more seriously than others)

The academic year has only just commenced, and as a freshman it is quite an adventure. Coming from high school diving in the deep pool of statistics and analysis by our very own Mr. Heij and Mrs. Oldenkamp. How to escape from drowning? Use all of the available study material they will put online for you on Canvas, it is not there just for show ;). Also do not forget that the lecture is the most resourceful study material there is. This might sound very cliché, but it is the truth.

Obviously, after an intense lecture, it is also important to take some time off to relax and give your brain the time it needs to process everything. A good way to do so is to go out and explore the most beautiful ‘Rot’city there exists (do you guys already recognise the ‘Rotterdamlied’?). Something fun to visit is the market next to the Markthal, which is there on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Not only is it cool to hear salesmen in action, it also allows you to stay within your budget, as veggies, fruits and spices are very cheap here!

Now a quick little side-tip: to get to know more of your fellow freshmen, you should certainly come to the Opening Drink organised by FAECTOR at Eetcafe Concordia this Thursday at 9PM! It is a nice way to get your social life in Rotterdam started and to enjoy a drink or two, or more. 

The main goal of studying is to pass your exams, hence do not hesitate to ask help from either professors, teaching assistants or even the most bright minds amongst your fellow students. The Erasmus School of Economics also offers study advisers who are glad to help you if you have troubles with planning, personal circumstances or anything else. You can just ask for an appointment at the 6th floor of the Tinbergen building between 13:00 and 14:30!

Last but certainly not least, where to go clubbing? Partying is of course also a part of the student life, and we would not want you to miss out! Our recommendations would be to go to the ESN Tuesdays at the VIP Room or to go to club Vibes on Wednesday for Latin Vibes or on Thursday for Oldies but Goldies! You should obviously not go to all of these in the same week, as you might become too attached to your bed ;). If you feel hungry when returning home, do not forget to stop by the HAS for a delicious doner wrap or kapsalon at 5AM.

We as FAECTOR’s Estimator, want to wish you good luck, but most importantly a lot of fun and a great time here at the Erasmus University! As long as you keep your head cool and your spirits high, then your first year will be a blast!

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Written by:
  • Anique Van Schijndel
| Published on: Sep 05, 2018