FAECTOR's Committees, Part II

Are you interested in joining a committee and becoming an active member of FAECTOR? In this article, active members from last year tell you about their experiences in four of the nine committees you can apply for.

Business Trip Committee

Hi everybody! My name is Charlotte and last year I had the privilege of being the chairman of the Business Trip Committee. Together with my committee members we organised an unforgettable trip to Seoul during which we dived into the amazing South-Korean culture, visited many cultural highlights, climbed a mountain and got to know several companies that operate in different areas of econometrics during our business visits. It was an amazing week during which our group became Seoulmates forever ;)! Joining the Business Trip Committee (BTC) will be a decision you will not regret! It is the perfect committee if you are looking for the right balance of serious tasks and fun activities. Moreover, it is an extremely diverse committee in which you get to organize your trip from start to end, beginning with choosing your dream destination. From booking your flight tickets, contacting companies to arrange business visits, searching for cultural activities to reading motivation letters from students that want to join, it is all up to you! Having to do such diverse tasks will teach you a lot and it ensures that your committee time does not get boring! On average, I think I spent 7 hours a week on work for the committee. Of course, this differs every week and there are definitely bussier and quiter periods. However, as you are closely working together with friends and the tasks are so diverse, it was never a problem to invest time in it anyway! Personally, I learnt a lot from being part of the BTC and I would advise everyone to apply right away! I enjoyed being part of this awesome committee, working together with amazing people in FAECTOR and being part of all the active members activities!!

ICansultancy Committee

Disclaimer: This is the first time this committee is open for FAECTOR members, so Carolijn wrote this paragraph to explain what the committee will entail.

Would you like to organise a national event with the most prestigious strategy consultants? If you apply for the ICansultancy Committee, you can get this opportunity. As a member of the ICansultancy Committee you will organise the Women Consultancy Day 2019. Cases, a lunch, a training, a drink and a luxurious dinner will take place during this day with a selected group of women and companies like Roland Berger and Strategy. The event is organised by students from Rotterdam but is open for all female students with an analytical background in the Netherlands. Interested? Apply for this committee before this Friday! The aftermovie of last year's event can be found here.

Freshmen Committee

Hey guys, I am Luca Zampierin and I am a second year Bsc2 Econometrics & Economics student. Last year I had the amazing opportunity to become an active member at FAECTOR, in particular, a part of the Freshmen Committee (FC). If I had to choose again whether to join the FC, I would do it another 100 times. Let me explain you what made this experience so special to me. Being an Italian, I was quite lost when I had to start a whole new life in Rotterdam and to build totally new relationships from zero. However, during the first month at the university, I got to know some people from FAECTOR and I decided to apply for a position within the FC. This was the best choice ever! With the FC we organised a lot of events, of which some were for first year students exclusively and some open to all FAECTOR members. Mentioning all the activities would be too much; however, here are some examples to have a general idea. Our first activity was a day-trip to Den Haag (The Hague) for the first-year students to show them another Dutch city besides Rotterdam. Next to that, we have organised a “Classy night out” giving FAECTOR members an opportunity to show their casino-player skills. Furthermore, we had the pleasure to organise the Penguin weekend, which is an introduction weekend for all the freshmen starting with the international version of the Econometrics bachelor or Bsc2 programme. During this weekend we planned various activities in and out of Rotterdam to help new students to get to know each other and in this way enable a best possible start of their student life. Being part of the FC, is definitely not just about organising events! Instead, it means being part of a family (the little dutch that I know is just thanks to those nights spent having fun with the committee) and having the opportunity to create relationships that will last for your whole student life and (hopefully) also academic career! PS: Being part of FC means also becoming an active member, and the association does not forget that! Just to let you know, there is a whole committee organising events just for you (the Internal Activities Committee)!


Disclaimer: This paragraph is in Dutch, because this committee is only open for freshmen enrolled in the Dutch programme Econometrie en Operationele Research.

Hey, ik ben Ivo, en ik heb afgelopen jaar in de eerstejaarscommissie gezeten. Bij de eerstejaarscommissie (EC) heb ik een erg leuke tijd gehad. Vanaf het begin was het gewoon erg gezellig met elkaar. We waren eigenlijk een groep vrienden samen die ook nog eens leuke evenementen mochten organiseren, maar ook samen leuke dingen deden, zoals samen uit eten of gaan paintballen. Al met al was het gewoon een geweldig jaar waar ik met veel plezier op terug kijk. Zoals ik net al zei mochten we ook een hoop leuke activiteiten organiseren, zo hebben we een pooltoernooi georganiseerd, een BBQ na het FAECTOR voetbaltoernooi, een pubquiz en het beerpongtoernooi. Dit was allemaal super leuk om te doen. Afsluitend organiseer je met de EC ook PINKWIN, het introductiekamp voor nieuwe econometrie studenten, dit is natuurlijk een kers op de taart voor het hele jaar, een hele goede afsluiter voor een fantastisch jaar. En dan nog het Active Members zijn. Daar kan ik ook alleen maar positief over zijn. Je hebt het hele jaar door leuke Active Members activiteiten, waar het gewoon altijd gezellig is. En om niet te vergeten natuurlijk het legendarische Active Members Weekend waar je met alle Active Members een weekend weg gaat om gewoon eens goed te feesten en gezellig te doen.

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