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In the coming weeks, we will present you all the new committees. But we would like to start off with introducing ourselves: The Estimator Committee. We are the committee that will be writing all the interesting articles for you, to read as a study break or just for fun (some more serious than the others).

Anique van Schijndel

'Are you Google? Because you’re all I’m searching for'

Hello! My name is Anique, I'm 18 years old and studying the International Bachelor Econometrics. I come from Haarlem, but am now loving living in Rotterdam. Besides studying, I love to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, play basketball, and I am an absolute sucker for grabbing lunch. 

One embarrassing moment of mine probably was when it was freezing cold outside, the ground was really slippery with ice and I already saw a friend dancing ballet to restrain from falling. So really carefully, I placed one foot on the ice, afraid to fall, and yes -I fell, in front of all my classmates. What made it even more embarrassing is that the friend who was making the crazy moves not to slip didn’t even fall. 

Aron van Woerkom

‘Can you empty your pockets please, I think you have stolen my heart.’ 

My name is Aron, nineteen years of age and in the first year of the Dutch econometrics. I come from Barneveld, a town in the middle of the Netherlands. My hobbies are sports and just spending my free time with friends. I play soccer on Friday and Saturday in my hometown and also play rugby in Rotterdam at RSRC. 

My most embarrassing moment was when I was walking in Albufeira on holiday with my friends and there was a girl sitting near a shop where we were going to. And I said to my friends that this girl was good looking, in Dutch. However, she heard it and said to me: ‘I am Dutch.’

Carlijn Otto

'I wish I was your derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.'

Now, on a more serious note: I am Carlijn Otto, the chairman of the Estimator Committee 2018, the committee that will provide you with all fun and intellectual articles for this year. Originally, I started off as an econometrics student, but at the end of my first year (I am now third years), I switched to bsc^2. Besides studying econometrics (which seriously sometimes takes up most of your time), I love to basically do anything with friends. Whether that means cooking, eating, talking, walking, going to the gym or just Netflixing together. I also enjoy going to parties, like most students probably do.

My (recent) most embarrassing moment was a consequence of one of my hidden talents: walking into poles, glass doors, people, just anything really. I was at the gym, in one of the training halls right before the class started and quickly wanted to fill my water bottle. So I ran out of the hall to go to the bathroom. What I didn’t notice is that there was a glass window right before the changing room’s door… I ran into the glass window with quite some speed, turned around and saw all the people in the hall looking at me like what is that girl doing?

Louise ten Harmsen van der Beek

'Hello, I am Louise.'

I’m currently in my third year of the Bsc^2 study and am still enjoying it so far! This year I got the honour to be part of the Estimator. We have all kinds of amazing articles on the planning and I hope you will all read them! It will make your life better, trust me. I was born in Roosendaal (also known as Tullepetaonestad), and although Rotterdam is the city I love now, the Brabantse gezelligheid is something I miss. Therefore, I like spending my time doing all kinds of fun stuff with friends. Next to that, my life mostly consists of eating and watching Netflix.

My most embarrassing moment happened last year. I had been studying in Mandeville while my friend was giving a tutorial. We agreed that I would come to her tutorial and we would have dinner together. So I was walking in one of those extremely long hallways on my way to her. On the other side a girl appeared and I was sure this was my friend. So I quickly hid myself behind a pole to scare her when she would walk by. Turns out it was not my friend....

Rick Kessels

'Let's rearrange the alphabet, so we can put U and I together.'

Hi there! I am Rick Kessels and I’m currently a third year BSc2 student. I have lived in multiple towns in Brabant b'efore I moved to Rotterdam, which basically means everyone makes fun of my zachte g. In my spare time, I like to go for a run. There’s not much more to tell about my life, however, I will confess my biggest secret right away: I do not have a Netflix subscription :o

My embarrassing moment: One time in my final year of high school, I was cycling back from my work at a local supermarket. I was singing along to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep VERY LOUDLY, because it was past midnight already and I did not see anyone around me. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a bicycle bell behind me, and it shocked me. I dropped my phone by accident and heard this person laugh a little. I stopped to pick up my phone, and saw that it was completely broken. I was so embarrassed…

Rebecca van Essen

'How do I know so many digits of pi but not the 10 digits of your phone number?'

Hi everyone, I am Rebecca, the secretary of the 53rd board of the greenest association on campus, FAECTOR. Part of my job is being the supervisor of the Eerstejaarscommissie, Event Committee, Alumni Committee and most important of all, the Estimator Committee. Next to being a board member, I like playing field hockey, cooking, watching netflix and committee avondjes.

I had an embarrasing moment quite recently actually, only last week this happened. After having a few drinks I opened Facebook and I saw that I had a lot of friendship requests. Of course I accepted all of them, happy that a lot of people added me. The next morning I had about 30 notifications from Facebook, telling me that a lot of people accepted my friendship request. Turns out I looked at the ‘People you may know’ section and added a lot of friends there. At the end of the day I had about 53 new friends on Facebook of which I actually only knew half of them.

The committee awards

In the coming weeks, we will not only introduce all new FAECTOR committee members, we will also ask them to answer some questions regarding their fellow committee members. For some questions it is truly an honour if you get voted for most, for others not so. 

Aron and Carlijn actually don't even drink coffee, so that leaves us with two true coffee addicts: Rebecca and Rick. ;)

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