Constitution Drink (CoBo)

On Tuesday October 2nd, it was time for the Constitution Drink of this year's board. This celebration of the 53rd board of FAECTOR took place in club Vibes, hence a great party was guaranteed!

The Constitution Drink is a drink for all active members of FAECTOR and board members from other associations (EFR, B&R Beurs, inDuplo, and many more). One at a time, the committees/other boards were called on stage to congratulate the 53rd board of FAECTOR with their positions, while the other guests enjoyed their free drinks.

Of course, everyone brought a present along. For example, the Marketing Committee offered the board a candy floss machine, while the Eerstejaarscommissie took some living fish along.

The IntAct (Internal Activities Committee) also brought a great present: A mini football table. Perhaps this table can be put next to the Freshmen Committee's FAECTOR-green water boiler, which already provided some office visitors with a cup of hot tea!

Also, the Event Committee brought a FAECTOR-green JBL speaker.

And the Activities Committee designed a special FAECTOR-clock!

All by all, it was a great night for the 53rd board, the other boards and the active members!

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Written by:
  • Rick Kessels
| Published on: Oct 07, 2018