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As you all may know, FAECTOR has welcomed several new committees since last summer. In order to introduce themselves, the Estimator has asked them to write something about themselves and to send some nice baby pictures!

Anouk Veltman

Are you a ticket because you got fine written all over you.

So a little bit about me, well I am Anouk and I am a member of the Internal Activities Committee. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and spent the last two years of high school in the US with my family. Some things I love are traveling, eating good food and dancing, especially ballet which I've loved to do since I could walk.

Well, here it goes, my most embarrassing moment… One night, I showed up late to a party and thought it would be a great idea to catch up on the amount of alcohol consumed by the others by taking many shots in a very short amount of time. I obviously got way too drunk way too fast and ended up puking my guts out for most of that night. It got pretty bad and all of this, of course, happened as my wonderful future girlfriend sprayed me down with a hose. Rip

Nikki Meekma

I heard you're good at algebra. Could you replace my X without asking Y?

Hi everyone! I’m Nikki, a second year Bsc2 student. Originally from Limburg, so I have the amazing ‘zachte g’ which for some reason just doesn’t want to disappear. When I’m not studying, I’m busy with horse riding, kickboxing and drinking a few beers from time to time. Oh, and I’m always in for singing some karaoke!

When I was very little, I wanted to be a hairdresser when I grew up. One time I decided that I could also cut my own hair… I had very long hair at that time and just took a piece on the back of my head and cut it off. Being shocked about how big the strand of hair was, I quickly put it in a drawer because I was scared that my mum would find out and become very mad at me. Of course she did and it took 5 years of walking around with a piece of hair being extremely short, until it grew back.

Annelot Bosman

Hey, my name is Annelot. Who are you?

Hey guys, my name is Annelot and I’m a second year econometrics student. Besides studying I like to go sailing and dancing a lot. I’m looking forward to organising the awesome events for Faector’s active members.

My most embarrassing moment must be at work, when I was waitressing and poured a full bottle of cola in a guest's neck. Luckily they could all laugh about it, but I was extremely embarrassed.

Sofie Neuteboom

I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you.

Hello! My name is Sofie and you might or might not have seen me during any of the past FAECTOR events in my first year. This year, however, I will happily be organising activities for the active members together with my committee! I am looking forward to all the exciting moments this year and hope that you do too!

The most embarrassing moment I ever lived through must be something like falling from the stage in front of a big group as I tend to be a little clumsy sometimes.

Kjeld Snoep

I'm sorry, you were talking to me? "No?" Well then, please start.

Hello, my Name is Kjeld. I'm 21 years old and currently doing an Economics Master before starting my econometrics one. I'm currently living in Rotterdam, but I still return to Zeeland for the weekends to play soccer. Besides studying I love to spend my time doing all sorts of sports. Furthermore I can listen to trance music all day.

One of the most embarrassing moments I've ever experienced was after a night out in Sweden during my exchange. It was a Halloween Party so I decided to dress up as a Grim Reaper. The night probably was not too special, as I instantly did not remember anything of it. However, the morning after, I found myself knocking on a door of an elderly home for no reason when I realised I had to go home. Obviously I was still wearing my costume, the only thing was: I lost my cap during the night out. So there I was, wandering through the city, not knowing where I was in something which looked like a crappy dress. No need to say that all the people that saw me in that state didn't help me...

Rosa ten Kate

You must be a square root of two, because you got fine written all over you.

Hi guys! My name is Rosa and I’m 22 years old. After having spent my last three years as an active member, I’m glad I can say I am the Treasurer of the 53rd Board! Basically, this means that I’m in charge of the money of the association. Besides being a board member, I like to travel, cook and go out for dinner and drinks with my friends. I spend most of my time in Rotterdam, but on the weekends you can usually find me in the always exciting city of Maassluis.

To be honest I cannot really come up with one specific embarrassing moment, but it’s safe to say that after a night of drinking I will most likely have done something embarrassing. Usually it involves a couple of rounds of rage cage.

Last but not least we asked them to answer some questions, with the following results!

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