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Many people have the typical prejudice of the student life: a bit of studying once in a while, but mostly partying, having drinks and eating fast food. Is it fun? Probably yes. Does it make us unfit? Most definitely. Of course we do not want to get rid of the 'having fun'-part, because we should enjoy being young, wild and free (Is that you Snoop Dog?). Luckily there is a great alternative, where fun, beer and sports is combined. Rotterdam offers 18 different sport associations, which are all specialised in different sports and are open to all students. We interviewed 4 Econometrics students, who are all part of different sports associations. They share their fun experiences and explain why it is ideal to combine with their studies.

First of, we interviewed Tim van der Vegt: “I play rugby at RSRC. I was looking for a team sport again after I quit soccer 2 years ago. Besides that, I wanted to become a member of a student association in Rotterdam. In the Eurekaweek, I got in contact with RSRC. It sounded very fun to play rugby and I absolutely loved the atmosphere there so that is why I decided to join RSRC.”

Now what does he like about rugby? “It really is a team sport. I also find the game itself a lot of fun. There is a lot of tactic involved and everyone is full of adrenaline during a match. The association is an amazing association where everyone knows each other and the combination between doing sports first and doing drinks at the clubhouse afterwards is just perfect.”

At RSRC, you can be as active as you want. “I am part of the freshmen committee, I have practice twice a week and I play a game once a week. Besides that, there is a weekly activity such as a party or dinner. You really can be as active as you wish. So with a bit of planning, it is easy to combine with econometrics.”

To join the rugby association, you do not need to have experience with playing rugby. “If you have already played rugby before, you can join a team immediately. Otherwise the association provides special training to learn all the basics and rules.”

Next, we move on to horse riding at R.S.R. Marcroix. Nikki Meekma decided to join the association this year. “I wanted to do something next to my study, and I already had a lot of experience riding a horse from back home, even in a competition. Therefore, I really enjoy doing the thing I love again!”

“In a week, I usually train 1 to 2 times, but you can decide for yourself how often you want to come, since we are connected with the ‘Rotterdamsche Manege’. After training, we usually cook and eat dinner together, every month we have a drink, and throughout a month we have many activities, such as outdoor rides, movie nights, (Christmas)dinners, parties, and matches against other associations. Thus, you can be as active as you would like. Hence I find it easy to combine with econometrics, since I can make my own planning.”

Of course Nikki already had a lot of experience, so it was easy for her to join. “However, you really do not need to have experience with horse riding. The association offers multiple possibilities to learn horse riding, but you can also be a non-riding member. That means that you are a social member and you can go to drinks, dinners and all of the other social activities.”

Moving on, Linde Bakens takes us to the hockey fields of EHV Never Less. “Before I started studying, I played hockey for about 8 years. During my first year of studying, I really started to miss the sport and the team effort a lot. At the first open night, I already liked the association and I immediately met the people who are now my teammates.”

“I love doing team sports, and since EHV Never Less is a student association, we also have a lot of other activities next to playing hockey. Every Monday we have practice and matches, and there is a party every month. We also have weekends trips and other fun activities. Since we only play hockey once a week and all other activities are optional, playing hockey at Never Less is really easy to combine with econometrics. I do go to almost everything, because it is so much fun!”

Also for this association, experience is not required. “During practice, all members are divided in 2 groups: beginner and advanced. Furthermore, to form teams, it is required to have at least 5 beginners in a team, such that all teams are equal. Teams should be equal since we play an internal competition.”

Lastly, we get to the water of the Kralingse plas with Annelot Bosman, who is a member at R.S.Z.V., the sailing association. “I chose to join this association because of the sailing sport, which I have done for many summers. Next to that, the association also is a student association with year clubs and disputes, however I am not as active in that because it is not really my kind of thing.”

Annelot is very enthusiastic about the association itself. “It is very cool that we are located only 3 minutes away from the city centre, so you are basically sailing in a city. Moreover, we have a great view over the Rotterdam skyline when sailing.”

At R.S.Z.V., you can also be as active as you would like to be. “There are practice sessions for those with no or little experience, but I almost never go because I already have a certificate which allows me to always have access to a bigger boat. I go to a practice only once a month. However, when it is nice weather outside, I love to take a 1.5 hour break from studying to do some sailing, which I do around 2 to 3 times a week.”

There is also a lot of social life going on at the sailing association. “As I already said, we have year clubs and disputes, and every Thursday we have a drink. When you just joined the association, you are expected to attend many events. Later these events become optional, so really well to combine with econometrics. I love the fact that the sport enables you do work together closely, from which some great friendships arise.”

As we have seen, there are a lot of different possibilities in Rotterdam when it comes to student sports associations, so do not hesitate to check them out!

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Written by:
  • Anique Van Schijndel
| Published on: Nov 24, 2018