FAECTOR'S Committees January 2019

Learning to work with others, making new friends and of course having loads of fun. Being part of a committee has added value in many ways! Are you interested in joining a committee at FAECTOR? Then read on to find out which committees open up for application in January 2019. If you want to get further informed, there is an Interest Committee Drink on the 6th of December at Eetcafe Concordia from 20:00-22:00.

Econometric Career Days Committee

The ECD Committee has the responsibility to organise the biggest on-campus career event for econometricians in the Netherlands. The Econometric Career Days connects highly motivated Econometrics & Operations Research students with prestigious companies. Last November, we had 30 different companies participating in the Econometric Career Days and it is getting bigger and more prestigious every year.

Estimator Committee

As a member of the Estimator Committee, you are responsible for one of the most important media outlets of FAECTOR. The Estimator Committee writes articles for all FAECTOR members that are both informative and entertaining. The topics of the articles range from a report of a FAECTOR event to a company interview or an article about hotspots in Rotterdam. As a committee member it is your responsibility to constantly look out for interesting topics and to brainstorm about the goals and future of the Estimator in general.

Event Committee

The Event Commitee has the responsibility for the organisation of FAECTOR’s largest social events. The committee has a lot of freedom to come up with creative ideas, starting the year off with the Second Years Day and the annual hitchhiking competition. Immediately after the summer, the first event organised by the Event Committee is the Opening Party. Furthermore, the committee is in charge of the always immensely popular Beer Cantus and your year as committee member ends with the legendary Ski Trip as highlight!  

FAECTOR Consultancy Project Committee

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project (FCP) Committee helps non-profit organisations and small companies with data analytics projects, while at the same time providing students the opportunity to put their econometric knowledge into practice. As a member of the FCP Committee, you will be in charge of setting up the consultancy projects from scratch. You will be helping the partners with developing the projects, organising trainings and keeping in close contact with the partners, the university and other involved parties. Besides that, you will be selecting and supervising the consultancy teams.

FAECTOR Research Project Committee

The FAECTOR Research Project committee organises one of the most longstanding events of FAECTOR: The FAECTOR research project which is also referred to as the FRP. The committee arranges the internships and the study trip. As a committee member, you are responsible for the acquisition of companies. Along with the rest of the committee you will contact companies by phone and occasionally visit them on behalf of the project. Thereafter, you will be in charge of selecting the most suitable students for the companies. Additionally, a committee member you will be a participant in the FRP and thus also do an internship. 

IT Committee

The IT committee of FAECTOR consists of some talented econometricians who support the board and the other committees with all tasks having to do with Information Technology. The committee is determined to innovate the IT of our association as best as possible. The committee tries to come up with IT solutions to enhance the efficiency of many tasks of both board and committee members. 

LED (Landelijke Econometristen Dag) Committee

The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristen Dag, abbreviated as LED) is a yearly recruitment event for all 3rd year and above econometrics students in the Netherlands. Every year, one of the econometrics associations in the Netherlands is responsible for the organisation of this event. FAECTOR will organise the LED in February 2020, meaning that the LED committee will be recruited in January 2019. As you can probably imagine, a lot of preparation is needed to make this day happen. The responsibility for this will be given to a group of six students who will form the next LED committee. The workload will be higher than for other committees at FAECTOR. From the beginning onwards there will be weekly meetings of a couple of hours and this workload will gently increase to a fulltime month in January.

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