Christmas in Rotterdam

We are already in our last month of 2018! And although that means this wonderful year has almost come to an end, it also means Christmas is only a few weeks away. These coming weeks, there are quite a few events in Rotterdam cantered around Christmas. So if you want to take a study break before exams, or celebrate your freedom afterwards, visit one of the places listed below to enjoy christmas in Rotterdam!

Petit Paleis Filmloods

Let’s start with the most unusual one. This event does not necessarily have anything to do with Christmas, but it is only possible to visit the place until the 19th of January. In a small, cosy shed type of building next to the Markthal (so finding it must not be a problem), you can watch movies and follow workshops from time to time. If you are a movie fanatic, but have already been to Pathe enough times, the Petit Paleis is perfect for you! Luckily for us students, tickets only cost €7. One last thing to be aware of: you can only pay with card. Visit their website for an overview of all upcoming movies. 

Kerstcircus Ahoy

From the 22nd to the 30th of December, Rotterdam Ahoy will be turned into a Christmas circus! This circus has performances from over the entire world. Of course, tickets will be quite expensive, especially for student standards, but if you like circuses, this one is definitely worth the money! The prices range from €27.95 to €40.90. Some of the circus’ noteworthy acts include a pole act, a percussion act performed by ‘Diablos del Fuego’, and an act with entertaining dachshunds (informally known as sausage dogs).

Festival Stille Nacht

If you are not a big fan of circuses and prefer to celebrate the holidays partying, this festival is the perfect opportunity to do so. This is a traveling festival: each year another location. This year, Rotterdam is the host: the festival will take place in the well-known Maassilo. There are 5 stages, so if you get bored with one performance, you can always walk to another stage. The genres mostly played are americana, indie pop, folk and electronica! Be sure to get your ticket, there are still some regular tickets left for €26.50, but once those are sold out you will need to buy the more expensive ‘hurry up’ tickets (€31.50)!

Ice rink Leonidas

Close to the Erasmus campus, the hockey club Leonidas turns into an ice rink every year. The ice rink is 400 metres, so for the ice skate fanatics there is plenty of space to skate! For the ones simply wanting to have a fun time, there is also a squared ‘fun ice rink’. Lastly, you can book a curling clinic at Leonidas. The minimum amount of participants is 8 and the maximum is 300 (good luck with gathering 300 of your friends for a clinic ;)). The ice rink is open until the 27th of February, 2019! They only accepts cards and to enter the ice rink, you must wear gloves. 

Ijsvrij Park Festival

Another ice rink in Rotterdam, probably not so well known among students, is Ijsvrij Park Festival close to the Euromast. This year is its second edition. It is opened until the 9th of January, 2019. According to the Lonely Planet, this ice rink belongs to the top 3 most beautiful ice rinks in Europe! Next to the ice rink, there is a cosy cafe where you can warm up. Here, you can also order some food, ranging from fries to different classic Dutch stews! There is also a bar so that you can order some hot chocolate or mulled wine while ice skating. Just like Leonidas, this place accepts no cash and gloves are obligitory!

Christmas market Lusthofstraat

On the 15th of December, the Lusthofstraat will be turned into a small, but beautiful, christmas market. Since most students live in or near Kralingen, it is very easy to pop by for a couple of hours and enjoy the christmas spirit as a study break. The market will be opened from 10 am to 5 pm.

Christmas market Delfshaven

At the same time as the market in the Lusthofstraat, there will be a Christmas market in at Delfshaven! This market is opened until 21:00. The stands will mostly sell local and handmade products. Next to this, there will be live music, workshops and of course some nice drinks.

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  • Carlijn Otto
| Published on: Dec 09, 2018